Never Trust a Sat-Nav

Laughed all the way through the tale. Then read through the comments and found this at the end (12:47 2/9/07):

Even the chavier forums are linking to us as well
I remember a similar thing happening in Bos, involving 3 Fodens and a patch of ice.

There were only 4 in theatre :D
After getting the entire Coy's Befords stuck during an exercise in Germany, the recce report was given a thorough going over. "Difficult but passable" it read.

But this was a week earlier, before it started raining. And, we later discovered, was written by some cnut in a Scorpion.
Im convinced i have seen another set, although you are right about the last pic. I have seen the sets so many times i don't bother looking properly anymore!
BBC News said:
Sat nav driver's car hit by train

A 20-year-old student's car was wrecked by a train after she followed her sat nav system onto a railway track.

Apologies if this has already done on the "How bone is my missus?" thread!!!
Scabster_Mooch said:
No, the last picture is 100% photoshopped. Look at the man in the white shirt in the background doing a 'running man' impression.

He is in the same position doing the same awful impression in one of the earlier pictures.
:D Photoshop.......


That one isn't the fault of the sat nav the stupid cow parked on a railway line!

Have had probs with them myself especially in Portugal. Portuguese road maps are complete sh1te so use the sat nav a lot over there. The only problem is their road network includes a lot of old mule cart tracks that aren't really suitable for the average hire car.
While following Wellington's line of march on an 1810 era motorway I found an 18 inch drop in the track - not somethng the hired Nova could handle, so had to do a three pointer amongst the olive trees and reverse track for several klicks and find an alternative route. This still wasn't much more than a cart track though. If only the rest of the world had the same as OS!!!
Trusting satnavs is all very well and good. I bought a Tomtom before coming to deutscheland and it's worth its weight in gold, a little bit of common sense every now and then doesn't go amiss though, like when it says turn the wrong way down a one way street (not that often)

People who follow them blindly deserve everything they get.
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