Never trust a man who cant lie

As I got out of the office this afternoon I got greeted by one of me officemates, Mr Smith. This man never cracks a smile unless Armageddon is about to be announced. This man has always been known to be one of those who always tells the truth.

No matter what.

After a weak handshake by him and a fake smile, me and Mr Smith found ourselves in a particularly dark corner of the local pub.

After much talk he dared to probe.

Mr Smith:" Have you ever thought of cheating on Mrs DD."

Me: "All the time," me says rather naively.

Got home the same hour, Mrs DD was so pissed off I had to ask her why.

She confidently revealed that a friend of hers had told her I was not in the mood for her anymore.

The divorce proceedings are next week.

Talk about being blindsided. I know who did me in. Mr Smith.

Is there anything as being too honest?
I once told a mate (who I thought could keep a secret) that I had visited the Rheiperbahn once or twice during my stay in BFG. He promptly told his wife, who promptly blabbed her big feckin gob to my wife, who promptly gave me a shoe-ing. The git. My wife that is - not my best mate :)

10 years later and she STILL brings it up every fukkin year. :x
I hope Smith's expression changes slightly, at least, when you give the low life the kicking of a lifetime. What is said in the pub stays in the pub - its one of the unwritten rules of life, one of the building blocks of the code of ethics between men.

Have you considered sad git Smiff might want your bits not Mrs DD's?

Combat Indicators that this may be the case:

How Dark was the pub? May be safe yet as there may have been a power cut.

Were the bar staff wearing tight leather? May be a BDSM theme pub....!

Was it called the Blue Oyster Club? You are fcuked!

Was YMCA on the Jukebox? .......'nuff said!
2 questions.....
1. Why did you end up in the pub with him?
2. Why offer up such intel if you know he cant be trusted in the first place??

He still deserves a slap, but then I'd have a word with myself for offering up the intel too!!!

I think cbgramc is right about Mr Smith now doing Mrs DD!!!
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