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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by CptDanjou, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. I never realized how easy it is to go college / Uni and do a degree , regardless of your age , mature students dont always need A levels or any qualifications for that matter , quite often work and life experience is enough to get you on most courses , student loans are easy to obtain and dont have to be paid back until you are earning over £20k , if you are married with kids you can get as much money in grants as you do working in a shite job , you cant loose , I`m gonna take the plunge , farewell thicko`s.

    Dont know what to study ?

    Have a look here....UCAS course search

    Need money to study
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  2. Ta will have a look after the rugby which Wales are going to win by the way.....
  3. Go for it, Mrs BM did a degree in medieval history at Exeter Uni in her fifties so crack on, what's to lose.
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  4. Nothing at all to loose , with the economy not improving job opportunities are getting fewer and these days experience counts for very little if you don`t have the certificates to back it up , especially with anything financed by the government.
  5. I'd take some courses in grammar, spelling and how to use a ******* keyboard before you get there if I were you. **** me.
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  6. Damn , I woz gonna do inglish litratur.
  7. But you will never get on the bottom rung of the ladder without qualifications , a degree also shows you know how to and can learn.
  8. Go for it. You never stop learning. I've been studying for something or other for 24 of my 26 years in. When I leave this year I'll start on something else with my new employer. Ignore people who tell you it's a waste of time.

    So Mr XXXX what have you done for the last 3 years?

    Cand 1. Sat on the dole/flipping MacGrottlies
    Cand 2. I went back to uni, got a degree in Ancient History - not relevant to the job but I really enjoyed it

    So who's going to look better in the interviewer's eyes?

    Education is NEVER wasted
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  9. Absolutely. I did my degree at 40 just as I was leaving the Army. To anyone who suggests that "paper qualifications count for nothing" is, quite frankly, talking arse. Of course you need experience to back it up, but higher education is never ever a waste of time......ever

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  10. Agree 100%. After I left the service of Her Majestyl, I entered time higher education. Now practicing law and lecture too. Go for it. Education will open doors that were previously closed to you.

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  11. Dead right , usually the words of someone with no qualifications.
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  12. Go for it. Don't just take exams, take them on!
  13. When I left the service of Her Majesty I decided to enter higher education. Now practicing law and lecturing at university. Doors that were previously shut in my face. Never too old.
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  14. Whatever. I wish the term "Engineer" in the UK is changed/ re-classified though. Everyone from the guy who fixes your telephone line (a technician) to some one with a doctorate in Nuclear Science are all called "Engineers." No wonder they get paid so much less here compared to the continent (Germany, Austria etc.) and other places (U.S, Aus etc.).

    Threw me off the first time I moved here and was trying to get my phone connection up and running - BT said they would send an engineer over, I was like " why would you want to send an engineer over for connecting a phone line?" Then after a few more experiences with other companies I realized what they meant was a technician.

    Hey, I have nothing against techs, a couple of people I know have a lot more knowledge than an degree qualified engineer, but still.....

    Back in the U.S., you can't technically call someone an engineer till they have a 4 year college degree.
  15. I spent 8 years collecting pieces of paper, became an x-spurt in data wareousing and data mining using artificial intelligence applied to GIS - industry still have not caught up with what I was doing 14 years ago. Would I do it all again? No!

    I found that office life was not for me and would have done a construction related degree, become a Chartered Surveyor and Member of the Institute of Builders. All still pieces of paper requiring uni, which I enjoyed.

    I carried on after uni at the local college and did plumbing, advanced plumbing and CORGI to use in my property development. At 54 I'm back at college now doing an accelerated electrician course to get my license in one year so that I can carry on property developing and building here in the US.

    I was not the only one to drop out of academia and do something totally unrelated. One mucker who was a real rocket scientist took himself off to college afterwards, learned plastering and now runs a successful little business doing that. Another guy took his marketing PhD and went to work as a deck officer down under. Anoher went off to work on the bins, he's back in Academia now though.......last count he had a degree, 6 masters degrees and a PhD, he used to take a masters very year just because he liked going up on stage at the graduation ceremony. If you thin that is strange I worked with one bloke who had 3 PhD's.

    Uni is an experience to be enjoyed, do not look upon it as a means of providing a job for the rest of your life if you do an esoteric subject. The more practical subjects are better, even those should be looked at with the critical eye of "could I take what I learn here and do it out of an office in my house". That way you will not go far wrong.
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