Never thought this place existed outside of a Limerick:

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joe Roberts, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. Don't know if this belongs in here or not but, not only does the place exist, they made stuff there, in this case a steam engine:


    And the Limerick?

    "There was an old man of Devizes
    Whose balls were of two different sizes
    The one was so small,
    'Twas nothing at all,
    But the other, it won several prizes!"
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  2. Back in the day when we knew how to make things.
  3. So you didn't take Geography as an exam subject then?
    I fucked a slapper from Devizes that I met via the pen pal section in Soldier magazine!
  4. You bought a Soldier Magazine?
  5. I used to stop in Devizes with me Nan, when I was little, for a picnic beside the pond in the village. We'd be on the way to or returning from my Aunty Barberas house in Hampshire, it was about half way home. It was rather lovely....
  6. Don't be silly. I found it lying about in the SQN HQ!

  7. Yeah, they all say that!
  8. All my cash was spent on Herfy, Asbach and Currywurst with in 2 days of it hitting the bank!
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  9. That sounds familiar...
  10. If it hadn't been for the twin tub washer I bought off a pad for 25Dms, and duly lent out for a few Dms to the lads in the block, I'd never have made it to the end of the month!
  11. So all this time, did you think they made up a place just for the limerick?
  12. Time for a gratuitous photo of Guy Martin and a steam engine methinks.

  13. Nice little steam engine...where can I get one?

    Who the fuck is that ugly poking it though, and more to the point, why is he poking it?
  14. I usually agree with your taste in men, Sluggy. This time though... no, just... no.
  15. Why not? They made up Eeling for a Limerick.