Never Mind The SAS

Not only will the Garda be helped by "them" and the Met, it seems this won't be enough security for the Queens visit to Ireland.
Martin McAleese (husband of the Irish President) has invited the 5 "Brigadiers" of the UDA (+ about 35 "associates") to the wreath laying ceremony.
So Her Majesty will be in safe hands!!

AFP: Loyalist group invited to Queen's Ireland visit
I hear he's also starting a firm that does cement lifevests
There won't be any problems.Mr Ja##s S#or#t is IC Security.

Nah I think the Met Police have seconded Cr*ss*da D**k to ensure everything goes off smoothly.
Gardai fear queen sniper - National News, Frontpage -

By Cormac Byrne

Tuesday April 26 2011

GARDAI have cranked up security for the royal visit amid ominous threats from dissident republicans.

Sources fear the queen could be targeted by a sniper attack on her visit to the capital.

Residents along Queen Elizabeth's route in Dublin have been visited for a second time by gardai conducting background checks.

Windows and balconies are being probed by investigators in a bid to minimise any possible threat of a sniper attack.

The Real IRA issued a chilling warning that the queen is guilty of "war crimes" and they would ensure she "gets the message" during her three day visit.

There are growing fears that dissident groups may carry out a terrorist attack to coincide with the visit which is just three weeks away.

Four republican groups remain active and all have shown their capacity to carry out gun and bomb attacks in recent months.

The British monarch will visit the Guinness Brewery, the Garden of Remembrance, Aras an Uachtaran and Croke Park during her 72-hour visit to Ireland in May.

Uniformed officers have been visiting thousands of residents who live in properties overlooking the sites and the routes the Queen may use.

"Two gardai came to our door yesterday and asked us could they be let in," one Dublin resident told the Herald.

"They were asking lots of questions, they were looking for the car registration numbers for any vehicles we might have and the details of people who have a set of keys to the apartment.

"They asked us for basic background information and where we had lived in the past."


Security sources believe that a sniper attack may be the only viable terrorist threat to the queen during her visit.

Gardai were keeping tight-lipped about the reports and security arrangements are being kept top secret.

"We will not be discussing any of the security issues surrounding the proposed visits later this year," a garda spokesperson told the Herald.

The state visits of Queen Elizabeth and US President Barack Obama represent the largest security operations ever put in place for foreign dignitaries.

Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan has said that the operations will involve thousands of gardai and will cost millions of euro.

He said that he had sent a letter to the Department of Justice requesting that a separate budget be established for the visit because the existing garda budget could not cope.

In the coming weeks, garda focus will centre around dissident-republican groups who are planning street demonstrations during the queen's visit. About 40 Islamic extremists living in Ireland will be under surveillance for both visits.

It will be the first visit of a British monarch in a century. The queen's grandfather, King George V, visited 100 years ago when Ireland was part of the UK. He spent six days in Dublin in 1911.

Garda anti-terrorist officers are drafting contingency plans for the queen's security.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police in London provide a royal-protection squad, which travels with the monarch at all times. Close protection is expected to be provided by garda special units, including the ERU, while the Army Ranger Wing using snipers -- some in helicopters with .5 heavy-calibre sniper rifles able to kill at over a mile -- will be deployed for close protection of residences where she will stay, most likely Farmleigh House in the Phoenix Park.

The queen is expected to land at Baldonnel airbase, while no-fly zones will be in effect over Farmleigh and the airbase will be patrolled by armed Air Corps PC-9 planes.

The Army Air Defence Regiment, with surface-to-air missiles and anti-aircraft guns, will be used to protect airports.
Bomb disposal teams and Navy on standby for visits - National News, Frontpage -

By Eimear Ni Bhraonain and Don Lavery

Thursday April 21 2011

THE Defence Forces are being put through their paces ahead of next month's visits by Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth.

Security arrangements for the two trips, which come within a week of each other in May, are currently being made and involve ground, sea and air units.

As with previous visits by heads of state to Ireland, there will be special search teams on the ground to scour locations such as the airports, Aras an Uachtarain, the Garden of Remembrance -- and any other sites on the itineraries of the visiting dignitaries.

The security plans have been described as "very sensitive". However, the Irish Independent understands bomb disposal teams, the Naval Service, divers and special search teams have already been mobilised.

The Army Ranger Wing will provide close protection of the residences where the VIPs will be staying, snipers with AW50 heavy calibre rifles will be used in helicopters, and the rangers will also have a counter-terrorist assault team on standby.

Soldiers from the Air Defence Regiment with RBS-70 surface-to-air missiles, Giraffe air defence radar and Bofors EL-70 anti aircraft guns will secure airports where the queen and Mr Obama will land, most likely to be Baldonnel and Dublin Airport.

Naval Service ships will be positioned off Dublin to secure sea routes and provide additional surveillance with their radars, while the Air Corps will use armed PC-9 aircraft and helicopters carrying special forces troops to patrol air exclusion zones.

Army anti-riot squads backed up by Mowag armoured vehicles will be on standby in barracks in Dublin in case they are required by the gardai.


The Defence Forces will also have a ceremonial part to play in the visits of Mr Obama and Queen Elizabeth, with the Artillery Corps providing 21 gun salutes, while cadets will form guards of honour, and the 2 Cavalry squadron will provide motorcycle escorts. Yesterday, Taoiseach Enda Kenny told the Dail he could not give an estimate as to the cost to the taxpayers of the visits as the details had not yet been finalised.

He was responding to a query from People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett who said it was wrong for the Irish people to pay for a "jamboree" for "one of the richest women in the world".

Mr Kenny, however, insisted that the visits should be seen as an investment in Ireland's future.

- Eimear Ni Bhraonain and Don Lavery

Irish Independent
Who the **** are the Irish expecting to attack the Queen...

The Real Irish Republican Air Force.... Maybe at the same time, Seamus and Padraig steal USS Missouri and proceed to leave Dublin as it was after the Easter Rising, in ruins.
Who the **** are the Irish expecting to attack the Queen...
Dissident Republicans one assumes....I'd rather the Irish Government prepare for any and all contingencies than run the risk of anything happening to HM.

Remember, nobody expected or prepared for passenger jets flying into downtown Manhattan on 9/11....
I was an observer at the 2004 riots in Dublin and I met some of the Irish Defence Forces personnel who were also observing. Bar a few plain clothes officers, comms and a very low-key plainclothes motorway escort, their riot squads were confined to barracks, and were not called out to aid the civil power. As I recall, they said had full body armour for a battalion-strength unit. They also said small support units are regularly mobilised by request of the Irish Prison Service to assist in disturbances in penal institutions. Based on my previous experience, and if the newspapers are right and IDF personnel will be mounted in APCs around Dublin, then I suspect the Irish authorities are definitely expecting trouble.

One assumes the Queen and her entourage will be most vulnerable in her jet when approaching Baldonnel air base, and then when leaving Cork airport to return to London.
I seem to recall that PIRA wangled some Russian SAMs from Colonel Qadaffi in the 1980s. After a quick Google search, apparently ETA was caught trying to buy said SAMs (strelas I think) from Irish sources in 2004. If they have enough to sell some, then maybe they have a few that might still work? Someone on here might know the shelf life of 30-year-old Sam-7s...? I’m guessing that’s why the Irish military is deploying its ‘Air Defence Regiment’ which is a mixture of reserve and full-time personnel, according to its website. I’ve no idea what good an old bofors gun will do though?

Surely the raff will be guarding the c-in-c from on high? It’s a momentous visit, and I hope some idiot doesn’t mess it up. I’ll certainly be following it via the media at work.

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