Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by The_Snail, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. The best £305 I have ever spent.

    Even though I am dying of a cold (as can be confirmed by PRT and Alex Lomas and Maka) I still managed to almost piss myself laughing.

    Phill Jupitas now has an ARRSE challenge coin (006), and signed my bit of paper saying "For Dale the Snail PAID"; Noel said I was "average"; Frankie Boyle said "Dale, you are mental", and some random bloke who was sat on the far left said "To Dale the Snail, you were great, but I was better". I really wish I could remember his name, but he was shorter than me.

    We eventually got to the "after show party" but it really did smell of sweaty old men, so we left after a glass of lukewarm wine and a tiny bottle of Becks.

    An absolutely cracking night, and we nicked the Visitor BBC Television Centre Passes, or maybe I just found them in my satchel after the fact. I proffed a pen and an X Factor poster as well. You can take the girl out of Liverpool etc. etc.

    Thanks Alec for looking after us, and getting me shite-ers. Pink wine and brandy do not mix.
  2. Dale, you are the hottest bird in NATO, and what you do for the troops both in and out of work has to be seen to be believed. All power to you xxxxxxxxxx Thank you for my call.
  3. You met Frankie Boyle and Noel Fielding at the same time!? :( Im jealous!

    Great to hear you had a good time though! :D
  4. Oy, I coughed one of my Challenge Coins to Phill Jupitus as well.

    Fielding had a cape on, and Carol Vorderman nearly had her top bollocks out, and they all said the "c" word.

    I seriously haven't had so much fun with my clothes on in the last two weeks.

    Frankie Boyle fancies me, so does that John McClure geezer. I touched him on the way back from his piss and told him he was lovely. If I hadn't had the lad with me, I would have grabbed him and done him in the disabled bogs. Anyway, I digress. Top night, and if I've got swine flu, it's because I've been talking to you southern shites.

    Slug hugs xxx
  5. HA, was wondering how this went. Fantastic to hear you enjoyed it so much ... but we knew you would :D Good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S your postcard from Colorado is on it's way ...
  6. Nice one :lol: :lol: :lol:

    It's on telly some time in the next year or something, on a Wednesday at 2200hrs apparently.

    I really did nearly wee myself. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Did you get a "Charity Scouse Perm" for the event, or did you go looking "normal"?
  8. Hi Dale, glad you both enjoyed the evening. Jupitus is avoiding me t'day............... there has to be a reason.
  9. that's just your age dear :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  10. Spit roast? ;)
  11. I love 'Buzzcocks' - my dear old ma sends them out on video.

    Could you give us a more detailed account of the show please? I'd love to hear what actually goes on.
  13. I think its this episode airing tonight, now BBC2!

    Yes it is this episode, quick quick quick!!!
  14. Episode is now up on iPlayer for those who missed it!

  15. Thanks for the link. Dale and I have just watched it tonight (due to another leaving do/staff christmas party last night)

    (Honestly Dale's only leaving once! How many leaving piss ups do you need?!?) :lol:

    We remembered all the things that happened during the hour and a half filming, such as.

    1. Dale sexually assaulting John McClure (on the left) in the foyer, after a toilet break.

    2. Carol Vorderman complaining about a fly in her mug of tea (red wine).

    3. Dale blushed at the rampent use of the C word!

    4. And she wet herself laughing..................... :oops: