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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Peter_Dow, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. God Bless the Queen and all the monarchy, even Fergie
  2. Fuck sake, I should have gone to bed. Pete, there are no UN Forces in Afghanistan, they are NATO/ISAF (Please any serving correct me, I m not trawling through his 1 Million word thread for knowledge)

    I think you need to be aware that the British Army is aware of defensive/offensive measures, and that any Norwiegen Penguins are Taliban propaganda.

    Now, did you manage to bag off with that gullible bitch 2 months ago, or are you still cranking over the little girls who throw stones at your windows?

    When I resume your post through my mind, I wish you would die a horrible, terrible death, taking at least 10 minutes, so you can really appreciate it. I ll be in Glasgow in Aug/Sept, maybe this could cumulate in the first Arsse murder/assisted death.

  3. Who Modded that then? (well done)
  4. Peter Dow you are no more mad than the average bloke in the pub. Why does everyone hate you so? I don't.
  5. I swear allegiance to the Monarchy of the United Kingdom of Great Great Britain.

    I am an attention seeking anus
  6. I am a failure in life, I live in a hovel, scrounge benefits paid to me by Her Majesties government.

    I don't hate the monarchy enough to refund them this money and seek my own job however
  7. Remind me not to go to your local then?

    I bet its a barrel of fun!
  8. Peter

    Give the Samaritans a call.

    You might get masochistic pleasure from this and feel you are a martyr for your beliefs but it really it is pathetic.

    Most of the people on here have not even got a CSE in metalwork.

    Why even bother trying to persuade them?

    Get help; you know it makes sense.
  9. Oh the academics amongst us. Do you really believe that HMF (thats Her Majestys Forces for your uneducated knowledge) consist of "metalworkers" and such like? Openly, you sad Cunt, if you only knew what made this "Cannon-fodder" tick, you would nt spout such shit,you couldnt dream the methods, you couldnt start to wet-dream about the way things work. I wont get too worked up, you are obviously a puppet, or more likely some socialist left wing "social worker", and great defender of the Internet-abused females and degenerates amongst us, proud you must be.

    You seem better educated than I, but I still think you are an utter cunt, as do many of us here, you are devoid of any realism.

    Now Fuck off
  10. Thanks for this Pete,

    "UN forces are always somebody else's forces as well, though if it is a peace-keeping role, they often paint their armoured vehicles in white paint and write "UN" in big letters on them."
  11. Hi Crio/Darren. You're quite right on that! Not many CSE in metalwork, but loads of degrees and other quals. "Never judge a book by it's cover".
  12. This is becoming bloody tiresome!

    As I keep saying I am not Ms Long or Mr Clark.

    I do not question the calibre of the individuals in the British Army. It is arguably one of the most professional organisation in the world.

    I do question the calibre of some of the individuals that frequent this website and have become somewhat concerned about threads about "Belsen" and political crap about "Socialist Workers". I used to find this site both informative and entertaining but no longer do so. I also find the bullying of vulnerable people distasteful.

    Suely to God this has to be a wind up and please do not bring a peashooter to a gunfight again.

    Anyway, I have to fly as I have got an important lobbying meeting with Helga and Inga at the Swedish Socialist Lesbian Stripper's Collective.
  13. Get real Colonel Clink!

    You are the one using the term "cannon fodder" and assuming that the readership of this site shares your anti-education bias.

    As old mate Demsmashoes says loads of officers and soldiers have more degrees than a thermometer.

    Your stereotypical view of the military which seems to be based upon superficial perceptions of the Army that ended in about 1870; (When were the Cardwell Reforms, somebody?) is what leads me to suspect that you have unsavoury motives for being on this site. However, as I said before the NF tried to get a foothold in "HMF"(sic) in the 80s and left with jackboots fimly up their arses.
  14. How wrong you are. Neither left or right, it basically does nt interest me in the slightest, however, I would be 100% correct in saying that the Leftist "Social Worker Society" , the fucking Do-gooders, are responsible for for the downfall of the UK. This is apparent in the undermining, or extraction of individuals responsibilites, everyone gets put in cotton-wool, its always someone or some other factor at fault. Its about keeping lazy, useless Dross happy, it feeds generations of Dross with the "no you wont starve to death, we ll look after you", from normal benefits to pissed-matress allowances.

    I m 42 years old, I have never been unemployed for one single day of my working life, which started at 16. So, because I have an immense hatred for the Dross and those that have created it, that makes me Right-wing does it? I think you ll find that the hatred stems from the fact that we all have to pay for this syndrome.

    I believe you tried to insinuate the "Cannon Fodder" term yourself with the CSE in Metalwork.
  15. Oh it truly is. Half of the SAS drink there. Thousand yards stares and webtex smocks all over the place. Then there are a few swivel eyed loonies from the BNP muttering in one corner, and the rest are just pissheads. Just your typical Wetherspoons town pub.

    Free wi-fi too. Peter, you'd love it here.