Never mind Brits in Nam- what about Yanks in the Falklands?

Discussion in 'Falkland Islands (Op CORPORATE)' started by bigeye, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. I was recently at a 'meeting' in a Westminster pub where we got talking with some civil service types who were present - we all had a few, to be fair but various stories were doing the rounds:

    including a version of the tale of the 3 US citizens 'captured' during the the Falklands campaign (As some arrsers may have heard, they had allegedly been assisting the invaders). It was suggested that info may soon come to light regarding their fate.

    The first time I heard this rumour I wrote the whole thing off as complete bollox : but has this been done here in the past?
  2. I no of a story but they wernt captured.
  3. mentioned in "forward into hell", vince bramley.
  4. I heard something about that a while ago but it was more than 3 at least thats what they said in the version I heard
  5. That's why I put 'captured' in commas. They were dispatched to prevent an embarrassing exchange of views with the US government. Apparently
  6. Ive read that one but i was told it by someone in 3 Para and in more detail.
  7. I remember when watching 'An ungentlemanly act' years ago, there was an american bloke and his family living on the island.
  8. Think he is on about Yank mercenaries.
  9. I heard from a mate that a few were 'topped'
  10. I heard the same, a few that were assisting the Argies as sniping instructors, and ended up attempting to wave their passports when captured.

    Apparently a GPMG saw to them.
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  11. Well, I heard some tall tales bout this 'merc' incident from one of our security advisers an ex-Para/SF chap, a couple of years ago- but I took it with a large pinch of salt as he was prone to feeding the chucks.

    Perhaps there is something in it then.
  12. The basic story goes they tried to surrender to some Paras who were then told by a CSM to take them over there shoot them and bayonet them to make sure.
  13. There was a very good book written about the conflict by, i think Max Hastings, who at the time was working for ITN. He travelled with the force down south and i'm sure he mentioned an incident at Top Malo house where a lot of American accents were heard prior to their surrender.
    From my fuzzy military history i think it was a Para unit involved in this action. Can any Para's out there confirm this.

    Standing by to be corrected.
  14. Perhaps this is not a subject for open discussion on a forum such as this. Don't give The Scum or any other Journo fuel to produce headlines and spark official investigations, sh1t happens in war, let's leave it at that.
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  15. Seconded