Never Let Aunty Janice...

... take the kids to the fair

Fucking brilliant!!

The G-Force pulled its fat into its feet so its upper half slipped out of the belt, did you see how little his head was when the fat couldnt get back past the belts!

Nothing better than a morbidly obese fat kid in distress.
I liked that no matter how much the kid was screaming 'I'm falling' 'HELP!' And 'It hurts, it hurts' Auntie Janice just kept pissing herself laughing.

That's tough love
Stuff the fat kid - I'd like to go for a ride with aunty Janice!


Aunty Janice was laughing cos her fuckin uterus had just dropped out.
Strain childcare at its finest.

I'd have been twatting the little bugger round the head with a rolled up copy of Bacon Busters while telling him to eat a few less pies in future.

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