Never leave an injured mate behind

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Jun 5, 2012.

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  1. Why did I read out loud, 'KOAT Alburquerqe News!!!!' in a shit Ron Burgandy voice??
  2. Bravo Zulu all, especially the nurse
  3. As the tag line to Hamburger Hill goes...
  4. Good lads.
  5. I see this one being made into a film!
  6. But isn't this a rehash of something that happened a couple of years ago?
  7. "a foot-long rocket-propelled grenade embedded in his left side. It could have exploded at any time."

  8. It happens quite a lot, certainly not one off. RPGs are nearly as ubiqutous as AKs. RPGs are pretty slow moving and are pretty wide, so blokes end up with the projectile stuck in them. Our sickbay dealt with an ANP chappy who had been hit by a grenade, tearing off a limb... it didn't go off or stick in him, luckily.

    There was a similar incident in Mogadishu, Somalia reported in 'Blackhawk Down'. The guy didn't make it (IIRC) but he was treated by very brave medics ,who volunteered to a man, to carry out hte care behind a hastily built sandbag wall, they couldn't take him in to the SickBay as if he went off he would have killed other heavily wounded people.

    I think an EOD guy got a mention for bravery, as at one point he flagged away the medics, had to hold a failing blood vessel/clamp to stop the guy bleeding out AND did something or other to the projectile. I think the grenade was eventually thrown in to the IED pit, which was close to where the cas was being treated. He still died though... the medics couldn't staunch the bleeding, and remember the film, this was AFTER the drive back to the base by the convoy that got absolutely smashed!
  9. I thought this sort of thing only happened to Trooper.
  10. Couple of Saffer chancre mechanics dug a live projectile out of a troop from behind a sandbag wall during the bush war. He survived. Think it may have been a rifle grenade.
  11. I remember reading/looking at pictures in a LIFE yearbook in the school library, so mid 70's of a similar incident during the Vietnam War.
    Vietnamese civilian with a US 40mm HE grenade in his stomach. Very brave US medics behind sandbags succesfully removed the grenade and the civilian lived IIRC.
  12. If that happens, I hope Hollywood has nothing to do with it or they'll bugger up the plot.
  13. It'd be short film... May get used in a film, but I can't see a film being made about this particular day or so. Even the yanks fill it with adverts, it would barely make an episode length for their audiences attention spans..

    Potential for an Art House film though.