Never Ending Posts...

Is it just me, or are there are some posts that come up with frightening regularity and are really, really dull...?

Amongst the popular ones...

1. Are ACF Officer real officers?

2. My ex-officer girlfriend is now shagging her troop sergeant and I'm really upset about it...

3. I am a bigot and immigrants are the source of all the nation/world/my street's problems (yawn, yawn).

4. Goretex - inside or outside?

5. It was never like that in my day, the Army isn't like it used to be, blah, blah, blah...

6. The SA80A2 is crap (even though you probably haven't touched it) - why don't we get the [insert weapon of your choice] instead?

7. What is really the best MBT in the world? No, honestly?

8. Has anyone heard of Chalkie/Smudger/Nobbie (delete as appropriate) from [pick your own now defunct barracks in an obscure part of BAOR that no one else has ever heard of, even though the Sgt's Mess is the most haunted building in Europe]?

9. Er,

10. Has anyone ever noticed the frightening regularity with which the same old posts keep coming around and around?

Have I missed any? Go on, you know you want to!

Yikkes you have listed almost all of my favorite bitch fighting trollfests bound to be something to make me RANT Laugh.

Does that make me some kinda of poor dysfuntional internet geekette with 99 cats and no friends

edoted too add well no real freinds but i have 9999 contacts (there almost like friends) on my bebofacepartymyspacefriendsreunited
You're right in the most part but the MBT thread has been a well conducted and interesting discussion (apart from bits of the last page :roll: )
12: I may, perhaps, possibly be joining the Army in three or four years, I am also grossly overweight, and take around half an hour to cover 2400 metres, will I still pass selection?
13. Hi, I'm not in the army but my mates told me it was a good place to come looking for a man in green..................blah, blah fucing blah.......bettymoo....babybloo....etc....etc
14. my name is Sarah my nephew code and me like to lick each other dry before the doctor come round twice a week. there are know holds barred in hour famlilie.

Deliberate spelling and grammar mistakes chaps.


Bout to j0in fayze 1 trng m8's, do I do 3gg Nog and manfat baps to gain w8 or shud I stick wiv my E & Charlie nasal boosts?

How shud I do my pr3ss ups?

Can I t8k my Ipod on par8de or iz it just shyte?

fanx buds, C U soooon

fcuking hate those text speaking wankers the most!


16… Hi I’m about to join the army and I want to shoot left handed, will they let me?

At lest this one is funny :D

Fat birds? Are they really more grateful?
Bloody Adjutant. Always asking the same fucking question. This time he's bloody itemised the bloody things.

Doesn't he know we subbies have more important things to do than answer his stupid fucking questions.

Oh well, bang goes my career.



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17. Is Bliar the world's biggest cnut or what?

18. Bliar, you are such a total cnut!
I don't like yanks, lets post a thread to bait them (that sounds resonable to me).

Im really a walt and if I make out someone in a pub is one and I tell you guys what Im going to say next walttime I might be more believable!


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19. Hey everyone, everyone is a walt, especially not some of the regular posters on arrse, who are all most definately, without a shadow of a doubt NOT walts, apart from this bloke I met in a pub, and if I slag him off maybe you'll like me.
Gundulph said:
That bledy Aircraft Recognition (Spotters) Post is Never, Never Ending 8O
Got to agree there, i'm all for anything (well almost) in moderation, but this takes the pi$$. I think this is masturbating material for some of the fruit loops.

Gundolph - I find increasingly that i am agreeing more and more with your posts and pont of view. This carries on and you might have to come across to REAL EOD ;-)
Are we up to 21?

There's always the one about my boyfriend going to Belize and what exactly will he be up to out there.

Does Raul's Rose Garden have its own website yet?
Biped yes bliar is a cunt. recently had a letter stating (i will not mince my
words we need you to rejoin the labour party) from lab party membership sec. bollox I remember bliar saying we will take the money away from the
penpushers and give it to the clinical staff. on being asked about the nhs
prior to his landslide election victory. leeds town hall and we we had to pay
a quid entry for his fighting fund. i want mine back

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