Never Again !!!

Phil306 said:

Sorry guys/gals, I love animals. Watch the video with Pam Anderson. Totally disgusting...No more KFC for this guy.
Ohh Christ Phil you are a pu ssy. Fcuk off they're chickens for Christ sake; were you intimate with one of them?

You upset that they're dead before you abused them?

Pam does have some DSL's and really nice tats, but Phil is a cnut and loves it in the backdoor
Just be pleased no one says anything about Halal meat in this country.

Who cares!!

I dont eat chicken through choice, only coz i dont like the taste.

But still didnt stop me being first in the que to slice a head off one, and giggle as it went fluttering about in its death throws, on survival exercises!!

Next youll be saying we shouldnt eggs!

Get a life!!
I care.

Phil306, i'm with you on this. I don't eat at KFC ever (for this reason and that they serve crap). By comparison halal slaughter is humane. How we treat other species defines us as a species. And no, I'm not a vege before anyone asks and I have no problem with doing the chicken neck snappy thing on ex either.
Isnt it funny,
Pamela Anderson spent the first half of her Career encouraging men to choke the Chicken.
And now shes telling us we have to be nice to them.
Top of the page, Smiling beautiful face of animal rights!
Middle of the page -Some bollocks about chickens liking classical music and having friends!
bottom of the page, what animal rights activists really look like! Unshaven menopausal, braless, whiskerlipped "Earthmothers" - probably called JUNE, with sons called Tarquin, and Castrol (by two different fathers - see menopausal)
Sabre said:
Who cares!!

I dont eat chicken through choice, only coz i dont like the taste.

But still didnt stop me being first in the que to slice a head off one, and giggle as it went fluttering about in its death throws, on survival exercises!!

Next youll be saying we shouldnt eggs!

Get a life!!
I care. It is the responsibility of the farmer to ensure that the livestock live as pleasant a life as possible in sanitary conditions and disease free. In the end it only improves the quality of the meat if the animals are well fed (on the correct diet) and healthy. Battery farms are a disgraceful. Have you ever been inside one?

Next time you are at the supermarket buy both the free-range eggs and the cheap ones. there is a lot of difference in price often seventy pence but you will be able to tell the difference.
Children are dying daily in their thousands of infant diarroeah, which a couple of diaroalyte sachets could prevent. Yet still PETA pump out sh1t like this: "[chickens] enjoy a full life of dust-bathing, making nests, roosting in trees, and more" - just gets me baited.
When will 'June' et. al get a frucking sense of perspective? Sort the human mess out in Africa, then worry about the chickens.
I saw a huge dead Goose on the road today. Anyone want it?

(PETA doesn't want anyone eating meat of any kind, or using any animal product such as leather. It's not just about how chickens are killed.
What's wrong with them? Fruits and vegetables have feelings too! )
How can killing be humane? You wonder about KFC, but its been going on for decades with most of the fast food chains.

I agree with Sarnian, we should worry more about famine and the AIDS problems in Africa then worry about what we are going to eat after.

Even though that chicken thing is disgusting!
Thanks for posting that video link, I have always felt guilty about eating chicken up until I watched it. Next time I visit KFC I shall look at my chicken fillet burger and know that the little fellow between my bun had a shite life anyway. Better off in my belly than to endure all that suffering.
Not 'we' - specifically. Those who make a habit of pi55ing on about animal rights. I'll still eat the stuff if I'm hungry. As far as I care, it's just the bird's shi.tty luck - he was born a chicken, I was born a chicken-eating machine. So there.

Oh and while I'm on this rant, I F.UCKING hate door-to door charity bods who see fit to be rude because I refuse to give them clothes/food/money/my credit card details. These cheeky buggers try to claim some kind of moral high ground, as if they are actually DOING SOMETHING WORTHWILE. Like being elbow-deep in the organs of an ebola victim in the Congo, trying to SAVE MANKIND again. Funny we dont hear about these real heroes until we spend two hours on the W.H.O website, isn't it? Meanwhile I get 5hite from 'Kevin' and 'Summer' - smelly dreadlocked fools, placating their consciences with blue bags for clothes, because I dont want to bloody give them anything. IF I'm going out of my way to help people, I'll want too see the effect, and be bloody sure Mugabe et. al simply aren't buying yet another armoured Rolls with the proceeds. Fcuk the Chickens. I have - not as tight as they look.
Being cruel to animals is a terrible thing and should be stamped out.

However, and this is an important proviso, exemption should be given to animals that get zapped to provide booze-food.

Drunken arrseholes around the country would be making confused protests if Maccies and the KFC stopped punting scoff to the paggered. Surely there is nothing finer than buying far too much chicken and then trying to neck it quickly so you can finish it. Then who can forget the pleasure to be derived from regurgitating baseball sized chunks of chicken, the ones where you think 'fcuk me, i'm going to choke if I can't get this out of my throat' Then the joy of waking up with a cold wax-mask of chicken fat all round your chops.

If I didn't have that to look forward every now and then, I don't know what i'd do.

Theres a kebab bloke with a sense of humour round our way, who's placed a sign at the bottom of his Donner Elephants Foot. It simply states that

If it's wrong to eat animals, then why the fcuk are they made out of meat? :twisted:
Sorry guys - I just thought I'd show my caring side instead of my more usual abusive cnut side.


I hate chickens. That's why I eat them. I hate cows, sheep and pigs as well. Don't get me started on fish.......c*nts, every one of them.

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