Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Has anybody attended the above mentioned course, as a MSc student currently reading Organisational Psychology in a Business environment, I noticed a lot of the British Psychological Society (BPS) members, also had this qualification.

Whats more, having attended the REME Arms School last year; Interviewing and Counselling Course, one of the instructors was a NLP practitioner.

The snag is its £1200 for a 7-day course, is this a path to the holy grail of becoming a business coach? Or a lot of psycho-babble claptrap.

Below is a link; one of their practitioners was Army for 12 years, however it does'nt go into any detail.

Most importantly can I earn from it, in civi-street.
I attended a seminar about NLP techniques at DCL not long ago. Seemed that there was some merit in it...though some was v wierd. Several Instrs in the DLSS (was Sch of Log) trade wing are qualified practitioners and believe that it significantly improves performance. Some cses are looking as if they are going to be shorter (pending assesment) becasue of the effects of this teaching. Certainy seems to be worth a go and when you reach jedi master level of NLP you will make mega bucks in civvi street.
I've done a bit of psych study before and people didn't put a lot of weight in Neuro-Ling programming, well they didn't take it too seriously anyway. I've not looked at it myself but would probably look at some other psychology course instead.

Now Natural Language Programming (the other NLP) is an amusing task.
QManWpns - do the course!!
I don't know if you can make any money teaching it, but as a career aid it can be very useful (Essential?). Don't listen to anyone who accuses this kind of psychology as being "American, psycho-babble claptrap".

Getting to know your co-workers and interpersonal skills are the most important ingredients of success in civvi street, and having the ability to recognise their feelings towards you are equally important.

Unfortunately, these areas are ignored, or positively discouraged in the army which leads to many ex military being sidelined in the workplace.

NLP is also good for checking if girls fancy you whilst mid chat-up. Could save you money and get you back in the pub for more drinking after taking them round the back and ringpiecing them.


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QManWpns said:
Most importantly can I earn from it, in civi-street.
The answer to that is, I dunno. NLP is one hell of a tool kit and useful in all sorts of situations. Its one of the main tools in the box of that TV 'magician' Darren Brown.

Whether or not you can use it to make money depends on your drive. Some people have it and just use it on themselves. Some people charge £500 a day.

Check the course carefully. If I remember it goes Practitioner, Trainer, Master or something like that? £1200 will be entry level.
Has its uses. did some with some sales training whilst trying to do a "normal" job. If you're enthusiastic/convert then it can become very useful for sales training. If you're good at sales, you will doing most of it naturally.

very useful for reading people's eye patterns and seeing when they start telling porkies, (unless they're left handed then it flips....i think? :? ) also very good to kick arguements with long haired general when she goes off on one and you start reading her body language/signs and saying irritatingly accurate sh*t :)

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