Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Has anybody attended the above mentioned course, as a MSc student currently reading Organisational Psychology in a Business environment, I noticed a lot of the British Psychological Society (BPS) members, also had this qualification.

Whats more, having attended the REME Arms School last year; Interviewing and Counselling Course, one of the instructors was a NLP practitioner.

The snag is its £1200 for a 7-day course, is this a path to the holy grail of becoming a business coach? Or a lot of psycho-babble claptrap.

Below is a link; one of their practitioners was Army for 12 years, however it does'nt go into any detail.
#2 is by Dr Peter Smee

Has books available online with PowerPoints etc ref NLP and many other forms of thinking methods. A lot of it is useful for education but it gives you a free insight into the thinking behind a lot of the theory.

Check the free ebooks and powerpoints - listed in the left hand frame

I have a lot of the posters in my classroom for the kids to look at whilst they are staring at the walls .... :cool:

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