"Neue Arbeit" loves creating new laws

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bugsy, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. it has been a symptom of systematic nannying govs, i sometime wonder if Thatcher had it right......

    although in the interest of impartiality under the Tories were the poll tax, failed joining of E.R.M. and the retardedly draconian criminal justice act.
    at least the dodgiest part of the 2001 anti-terrorism act was struck down at the Belmarsh decision. but 90 days is proposed again for the next parliamentary session.....
  2. As farmers we know only too well :(
    The regulations pile on us are nothing normal at the minute,
    Everyone used to laugh at the state of agriculture in the USSR,
    were the Soviets dictated every little thing to their farmers. Well
    we aren't far of that :(

    Recent reg's without notification, since August no soil or stone's may be removed from a field without prior notice to the DOE and a licence to be purchase :(
    Removing stones from a field happens quite a lot as we plough them, so at every stage we are going to have to buy a licence.

    Another thing is hedges, as part of health and safety in the summer months we are required to cut the hedges along roadsides, which we have done for generations. But recently we have been warned that we must not cut the top of the hedge only the side, without purchacing another licence of course :(
    I pity this nation in a few years time, as they are only starting :(
  3. Odd, ain't it, that in well over 2000 new offences, that 'taking the country to war on the basis of lies', 'appeasing terrorists' and 'taking from charity and profiting from being the PM's wife' all failed to make it to the statute book.
  4. You have to wonder why they thought it necessary to specifically outlaw causing a nuclear explosion. Presumably the property damage, serious injuries and deaths resulting were not felt to be grounds for conviction under previous laws...

    (Where does that law leave the RN if they have to use the instant sunrise machines, by the way?)
  5. The Nuclear explosion one is curious.

    One would think that kiling several thousand people would cover most aspects of what is criminal about that.

    That is tony's retirement plan, Nuking somewhere on the day he signs out of hte office and then trying each and every member of the crew as war criminals to keep him and cherie in clover.
  6. Don't worry, they thought of that:

    And as long as you plead guilty you'll out in 6 years anyway.
    Or claim that you unwittingly caused the nuclear explosion and you're off the hook.
  7. I wonder if a human rights lawyer would have the gaul to use that one if Al quida ever did the unthinkable in this country.

    Wouldn't suprise me.
  8. Interesting that the Home Secretary is still pushing for 90 days detention for terrorist suspects.

    The South African Police had also successfully lobbied for 90 days during the war with the ANC. 90 days was based upon a medical recommendation since it was found that wounds caused by torture healed after this time and it was therefore difficult and sometimes impossible to bring cases of torture before the South African Courts which, even during the apartheid years, were still relatively independent since most of the physical evidence required of an independent medical assessment which would have been required by the court had simply vanished.

    Be afraid - be very afraid!
  9. "Health and bloody Safety", probably!
  10. This lot are terrible. They can't manage and their answer to any problem is to legislate.

    There ought to be a law against it.

    I am obliged to collect my coat on the way out.
  11. Interesting comparison, Iolis. I've always thought that this 90-day caper was to pick people up on suspicion and then give the Old Bill plenty of time to knock together a passable stitch-up while said "terrorist suspect" has no access to any legal help or representation.

    It's only a matter of time before they start lobbying heavily for that old favourite the Diplock court. After that, it'll be summary punishment on the street by the Old Bill and our grandchildrens' grandchildren will be saying to their children: "Y'know, back in the first half of the 20th Century, there was once a free land, a really free land. It was called Russia!


  12. Nuclear bombs are now illegal? Bugger, bugger, bugger.

    Damn those pesky politicians, outwitted again. It means I can't use this now...


    Still, it'll free up space for the mower.
  14. Interesting fact I was told yesterday.

    In her years in office, Maggie T (love her or hate her) raised an average of 4 Acts per year in the HoP.

    In his tenure, Bliar has raised an average of 40!!

    The new Companies Act going through at the moment was so badly drafted initially that it so far has over 400 ammendments!!!!!!