Neue Arbeit introduces bill to screw over law-abiding again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Jun 9, 2005.

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  1. Posted on Cybershooters, but important so copied here:

    Neue Arbeit is introducing a bill to crack down on non-guns and law-abiding shooters.
    I couldn't paraphrase it better, so Steve's post is reproduced in full.

    I'd like to know how this is going to make anything more difficult to criminals who seem to have no problem acquiring real guns. It seems like a govt that has lost the plot and "must be seen to do something", and will screw over the law-abiding again. If this bill has any impact on criminals at all, it will be to encourage them to acquire real guns. I, for one, would personally prefer the crims to be scaring people with plastic toys rather than shooting people with real guns.
  2. For sale:

    Retail Fishing Tackle Business.
    Average growth over last 4 years: 30% PA

    Reason for sale:
    I wake up every morning wondering what the fcuk else can be done to ruin this once great Country.


    Time to leave :(
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Well spotted Oddbod, but what happens when all 'normal' people leave ?

    Does Bliar become the British Mugabe by default ?

    Or perhaps that's the plan...
  4. It's actually a world wide effort. There are similar issues being brought up, and in some cases similar bills attempting to be introduced, with varying degrees of the content, being introduced in many countries. Canada, US, etc.

    People do not like to believe it, but the rabid anti-gun crowd is very organised.
  5. Dont we know it. On a govenment studdy one of the Anti-shooting groups had a seat (So did a couple of the shooting organisations). This Anti-shooting groups membership was rated as somewhere between 1 and 7 people. Yet they where alowed a place.

    Seriously, the more I see of this goenment, the more I begin to feel it's time I ran for PM, and did some axe weilding
  6. Axe-weilding was banned under the "Don't rock the Boat" Act of 1997 - can't you read? :(
  7. Two problems I see.

    Problem 1. "modified to not look "realistic"".

    Problem 2. "by making them out of brightly coloured plastic".

    I was sure I was briefed once that criminals were spray painting live weapons with flourescent coloured paints specifically to slow down the shoot/don't shoot reaction. Only a matter of time then, before bright paints and all things resembling weapons (like table legs for example!!!) are also banned.

    Criminals seem to have no problem what so ever in obtaining weapons. What is needed is stricter punishment not more meaningless drivvel. If you're caught with a weapon, that has been used for an offence, you get a fixed jail sentence.
  8. who are the pro gun MPs and what is their names so everybody can write to them as well as the name of the ANTI-gun MPs so i can point out the absurdity of the gun laws in reducing crimes as the criminal fraternity has no problems obtaining live weapons and no need of a gun licence.

    a fact which MUST be pointed out to them before its too late.
    i most especially would like the address's of the ANTI shooting organisation so i can write to them pointing the same fallacies in their argument in banning guns = reduced gun crimes(NOT)
  9. Banning Airsoft pistols and non-firing replica weapons might seem at first glance like a pointless humbug but I don't think it is.

    Ayn Rand put a wise thought into the mouth of one of her villains, Ellsworth Toohey, in her novel The Fountainhead:

    "There's always a purpose in nonsense. Ask yourself what it accomplishes."

    What the Blair government hopes to accomplish is to magnify existing revulsion toward civilian firearms. The idea is that weapons possession is something so odious that even a simulation is intolerable.

    Speaking of novels, one of my boyhood favorites depicted with great foresight the kind of civilian population the UK political mandarins hope to create.

    That novel was "The Time Machine" by H.G. Wells.

    In Wells' world of the future, human evolution diverged to create two distinct species.

    There were the predatory, brutal Morlocks, and the childlike, beautiful, helpless Eloi.

    The Eloi served as food for the Morlocks. The Eloi had neither the means nor even the concept of defending themselves.

    The Eloi represent the Big Shots' vision for the bulk of humanity.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    PM Lord Salisbury, where are you now we need you ?

    (Yes I know he's dead, but that's not the point !)
  11. Then why do thousands of them bother with replicas?

    Wiltshire is officially the safest county in the country, yet in the first three months of this year there were 90 incidents involving replica firearms. That suggests to me there is a problem.

    No, what is needed is more coppers on the beat.
  12. Several reasons why crims choose replicas:

    Easier & cheaper to obtain
    Lower penalty for misuse (but this of course relies on enforcement)
    Removes the risk of actually harming someone

    If this bill goes through, the distinction between a real gun & a replica, both financially and legally, will be reduced to the point where criminals WILL go and acquire a real gun. If you were a crim and the costs were the same, what would you do?

    Which is worse - 90 incidents involving replicas, or 45 incidents involving real guns?
  13. Oh, and another point - you can guarantee that during the current govt propaganda campaign that every incident involving an unidentified wpn will be touted as having involved a "replica", just like after Dunblane every incident involving an unidentified wpn was touted as having involved a "handgun".
  14. Stoatie, I'm sure serious crims can get real guns, but I doubt very much if it's that easy for Wayne the Chav who's just trying to impress the other kids on the estate. Wiltshire didn't have 90 armed robbers, it was just dozens of kids dicking around.