Neue Arbeit has created 3,600 new offences since 1997

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Topper_Logan, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. The appalling treatment of Cpl Tomos Stringer, from Gwynedd, north-west Wales, who was turned away from the Metro Hotel in Woking, Surrey beggers beleif.

    Incredible...but not very surprising. It's a disgrace the way Britain's forces are treated as second class citizens. I was recently in the States and the military are given FREE access to many of the Florida theme parks and applauded before the shows...that is the kind of respect left only to the PC hammering human rights spouting benefit claiming'citizens' of the UK. It's just embarrassing...

    I think this governement should create a a law for our servicemen oone more cant make musch of a difference.

    A total of 3,605 offences have been introduced since May 1997, an average of 320 a year.

    They include 1,238 brought in as primary legislation, which means they were debated in Parliament, and 2,367 by secondary legislation, such as orders in council and statutory documents.

    The worst offender is the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which has created 852 new offences.

    This is followed by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, and its predecessor the Department for Trade and Industry, which between them have created 678 offences.

    Meanwhile the Home Office is responsible for 455 offences.

    Instead of vacuous statements about courage the Government should take action, make discrimination against military personnel both serving and retired a crime.

    I would petition an e-petition but not sure how to initiate it.
  2. I'm sure there will be a few opinions raised at the next election.

    E-Petition? They seem to get feck all done. I'm just going to try and annoy the batsards as much as I can!
  3. Don't bother. Nearly every single thing this government has done seems to be intended to create work for lawyers. How many "problems" have they claimed to settle by making a new law?

    Let's take the 10% tax bracket silliness. GB decided to scrap 10% tax. He was faced by a revolt. Instead of just scrapping it (the rule), he continued with it and made more rules to counteract it. A rational person would have just not done it (scrapped the 10% BAND). We are lead by lunatics IMO.

    Jacqui Smith: Too scared to walk in London after dark (even with an armed police escort). Her solution was to "change public perception". ie: Convince the rest of us it is safe without doing anything to alter reality.

    These people are scum that do not live under the same conditions as us. They have gated properties away from our problems and have the cheek to lecture us to do what they will-not.

    Within my lifetime I could walk up Downing Street and stand in front of our PM's door. I can't do that now. Why?
  4. I think that anyone who ever served in the SBAs in Cyprus or the British Sector in Berlin recognises the syndrome; an 'island' community wherein the authorities have little else to do but cast around for more ways of demonstrating the power of their office and their state, and do so by eroding, slowly but very effectively, the freedom of the inhabitants. It's almost always done in the name of 'security' and 'safety' and 'progress' but it's bureaucracy, plutocracy, autocracy and despotism all rolled into one very nasty and undemocratic rule, usually by a gang of small people who think they're somehow 'progressive' and the guardians of the moral standards of the people they think they represent.

    In the ESBA when I was there, there were three separate Police forces who could (and increasingly did) stop you as you entered the SBA; not for any purpose except to demonstrate that they could do it, and to to use up their time. There were strictly delineated areas and times when and where you could swim, ski or windsail, and they became stricter apparently every month. Comment in the SBA newsletter was increasingly censored without mercy. The same spirit of incessantly more rigid application of rule, regulation and law was very obvious in Berlin before the Allies withdrew (and I willingly had a hand in it, to my shame).

    There's only one way of stopping this sort of nonsense, and that's by a revolutionary change in local circumstances; Berlin was the best example that I know of. If only we could line up the New Labour Socialists....
  5. Che Guevara? :D
  6. the wrong end of the 25m range....

    (plus PSF and a few of the fatter and more disgusting African cocksucking Presidents and Ministers)