Neue Arbeit effectively is effectively buying votes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. I've been basically saying this for a while now - that they're trying to get as many people in their pockets as possible through benefits and public sector employment...
  2. I'm pretty shocked that someone from Civitas would write this, since they were the biggest cheerleaders for Neue Arbeit and a main supporter of the welfare state.

    Can we assume that even leftie-liberals can see the light????
  3. excellent article that highlights the undeniable stench around labours public sector/unemployment/disability accounting practices

  4. Bread and Circuses. Somebody in NuLab has been reading their history, vast numbers of employed clients, handouts of bread and lowbrow public entertainment were the way to retain power back in Rome and they still are. :evil:
  5. I don't think that this worked out too well for the Romans in the end though? Still it's nice to know that the collapse of civilisation as we know it and a new dark age might be just around the corner. Might be worth waiting around for :cry:
  6. LOL you think that it new do you? i have not reaad the full article but my take on it is:-

    you used to be able to do 16 hours paid work IF your doctor thought it would be therapeutic to your recoverywhilst in receipt of Incapacity benefit. in 2001 Labour party changed the rules so not as many people would be allegible for making it only 'social'' and approved employers could maintain this scheme.

    Also incapacity benefit has always been taxable, if you are living and receiving housing or council tax benefits, it will affect your payments of them.
    So basically if you are on IB and live in a council house the chances are very high indeed that it will take you over the earnings threshold , you will have to pay approx 85p in the £ in total to the local council in deductions from your benefits,
    But say you have another income coming into your home and are not entitled to any council/housing benefits, you get to keep all of the 16 hours money. so the they can say does not effect you and you can get extra income is basically olblcoks rearrange spelling to your make your own word.
  7. Braed and Circuses served Rome for five or six centuries. It wasn't until a new, morality based, system arrived (Christianity) that things really started to go down hill. Yes, you could argue that corruption and patronage destroyed the Republic, but Roman civilisation survived for five centuries afterwards under an Imperial system that made those vices into virtues.
  8. I have mentioned before that I quite often have a drink with a Yank, former Wall Street Trader made his mill or so and retired in his early 40s.
    The Great Khan sits on his left side which I think explains the guys politics.
    His mother is Brit/English and he visits UK frequently.
    Board members would luv ta hear his views on the UK solcial system and when he tells the tale of how he sat in a south east pub Eastbourne (?) and listened to the tales of D Day, that is the DOLE Day warriors recounting their struggles to obtain the rightful inheritance from the state villains of the Social ya'd join him and weep.
    I learned all this years ago when as a young squaddei I would get regular breifings on how to mazimize from The Social when I came back to the fold and became a true citizen again.