NEU ARBEIT sound bite delivery mannerisms

Watching ruth kelly tonight something struck me, and it wasn't the Mrs' shoe.

Apart from the fact she took full responsiblity for a descision that is rumoured to have been taken by someone else (notice that has been leaked), as opposed to hanging some poor sod from out to dry, she has similar mannerisms when delivering statements as our tony.

The same lip curls and hand jive, and the same sort of stacato delivery emphisis, where the pauses always seem inserted rather than natural.

I have noticed it in a few other ministers also.

Do they all have the same coach?
She took responsibility safe in the knowledge that nothing would happen to her job in Bliar's government.

I have met Ms Kelly, and found her deeply unimpressive. I suspect she has indeed been coached in the Neue Arbeit approved method of delivering drivel and lies.
Who saw Tony's performance on Newsnight?

17 "Now Look...."'s in slightly over half an hour.

Although I must give the wiselling little so and so Credit. He managed to derail the Spanking subject quite effectivly. Cnut.

Anybody notice that all "popular" (his words) disscisions his government have made seemd at odds with the locals?
They are all robots sent from some far flung planet and only Dr Who can save us.

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