Neu Arbeit..........smoke und mirrors

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. Taken from the Telegraph today

    So BLiars finally getting it all sorted at home then eh?.................Bollox, a feeble attempt and trying to portray a strong leader finally fed up with his own 5th column. If Bliar had been a strong leader he'd have sacked Brown some time ago.
  2. Seeings how, come the next election, we will have Labour as the next Junta, I would prefer to have Brown as the 'Il Duce' than this current Chav. Hobsons choice. Feck 'better the devil you know'. At least in the current one party dictatorship, Brown has at least a bit of self personality and is actually less smarmy. One hopes if he is the man, he will politley tell the USA to wind their necks in and advise Europe that they only exist due to a 'a bit of a do' 60 years ago.
  3. If labour win a third term, OK I'll be truthful, when they win, I am looking to settle abroad, anywhere away from this bunch of charlatans, liers and t'ossers :x
  4. You think politicians will be any different there?

    By definition, they are all sub-human slime!