Hello all!

Am thinking of setting up some sort of network in my house so the other half can get on with her work without annoying me to get off the internet.

i have a Mac and the missus has a laptop (windows based). does anyone know how easy it is to network these together especially how she can use the same internet told this is possible.

Always hoping to do it those in the know id appreiate some advice.


Shouldn't be a problem.
Internet connection sharing is easier with broadband however not impossible with dial-up.

You'll need a router, this is the brain that controls all the network traffic. Tells each computer what it wan't to know.

Network cards for each PC.

Wired networking is easier to set up however the cables everywhere can drive some people insane, especially if they're not hidden away in walls.

Wireless networking is slower (comparatively) and can be less secure. However it gives more flexibility and is much tidier.

I've just gone wireless and it's fantastic. 3xPCs and one laptop all running quite happyly.

check out for extra stuff and good priced kit. also

Happy hunting
Are you on broadband or dial up?

Lets assume dial up.

Easist way is to get an Ethernet Network interface card (NIC) for both PC and the Mac. Typically they will be described as 10/100 BASE T. This means they will work at 10 or 100 megs over UTP (cards cost around £10).

Next get a small 4 port 10/100 BASE T Hub or switch. You can get these for about £10 on ebay. Again it must be UTP. You then need 2 RJ45 to RJ45 UTP patch leads. Long enough to reach both machines.

Plug them both into the hub/switch and the easy part is over.

Which machine is connects to the net?

If it is the PC then that will be the host. Try this link for tutorials on setting up the proxy.(may be a little heavy)

Some more help

That should start you off.

Ask in the Sigs board some good lads in there who can be of more use.
Go for an Airport/ Airport Extreme hub.

Airport/Airport Extreme already built in if it's a recent Mac, otherwise get an Airport card (cheap on Ebay).

Wireless network card in the Windoze machine.

Plug phone lead into the hub. The Mac, will, of course, work immediately - the Windoze thing will probably need endless drivers and crash constantly but will eventually get going.

If you choose to go the wired route, the Mac is already set up for networking - just plug in the Ethernet cable and choose 'Connect to Server' from the Go menu in the Finder. The Mac will work perfectly well on a Windoze network - I've used my PowerBook with Win NT (hideous) and Win 2000 servers.
Thanks for the info...

few answers to some of your questions:

Im on Broadband 600K connection and its the Mac connected to the net.

ive got a very new 160Gb eMac, 1.25GHz G4, 256 RAM

i'll have a look at the links. Cheers for everyones help

If the Mac connects to the internet using a USB broadband modem, and you only want to connect 1 other computer, you could save yourself some money by using a "cross over" cat 5 cable. This directly connects the 2 computers without the need for a hub/switch in the middle.

Alot of places sell cross over cat 5 cable's, or you could have a word with your nearest friendly scaley, who may be able to make you one.

Does your mac already have an ethernet card? almost all new PCs have them built in these days but i don't know about macs. What about your good lady's laptop? does it even have a wireless card built in?

It depends a little upon what sort of broadband modem your ISP has given you but if it's some kind of ADSL box with an ethernet RJ-45 downlink socket (a normal network cable socket) then i'd go for one of the all-in-one combined router\switch\firewall boxes that are dirt cheap these days. If you have a PPoE type of ISP then they can take care of the logon stuff too.

That way you get away from the internet connection sharing headache where one machine accesses the internet through another, meaning you need both machines on.

This is the thing i use myself

3com also do a wireless one with a wireless adapter included, which would at least save you needing to lay calbe and means wifey can sit wherever she wants and surf.

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