Networked airbags for blast protection

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by IndependentBoffin, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. Networked airbags for protecting skiiers against avalanches is already prior art:

    Sign in to read: Networked airbag could save skiers from an avalanche - tech - 20 January 2010 - New Scientist

    What do you guys think about an idea to put networked airbags on soldiers to protect them from blast injuries? The idea I also filed a patent application for was to put a pressure sensor on soldiers which detects the passage of large blast overpressures. The first to get hit by the blast overpressures may die, but at least the rest of his squad's airbags would deploy by wireless command, hopefully in time if they weren't bunched too tightly together.

    Those airbags would definately work against tertiary and quaternary blast injuries (being thrown around, crushed, etc.) It would mitigate secondary and primary blast injuries (fragments and the direct effect of blast waves), to a degree that ought to be quantified experimentally. Most blast fragments/debris are ballistically inefficient and lose velocity quickly in free air.

    The disadvantage of this I see is that soldiers will need to carry more kit (oh no). To reduce encumbrance the airbags need only be rated for NIJ ballistic levels of 1 - I suspect even very rudimentary ballistic protection from bullet standards will increase survivability dramatically by shrapnel/fragmentation standards. This is because a piece of shrapnel of the same mass and velocity of a bullet would have reduced armour piercing capability being either of lower density (e.g. entrained gravel) or poor geometry (spherical ball bearings vs. ogival bullet noses).
  2. How will they fight through the contact afterwards when they've all blown up like the michelin man?
  3. How fast does this thing deploy? You do know what a blast pressure wave looks like?
  4. LOL they rip them off and discard them, obviously! Velcro attachments :)
  5. The deployment times will be adequately fast as long as the troops are sufficiently widely spaced. Therefore it is not a physical limitation, but rather an operational measure.
  6. Who left the cage door open in the hospital for wacky inventors, you've been quiet for a bit, have the meds worn off?
  7. Actually was busy with patents and research proposals for the MoD. So far have 14 patents filed :)

    Nice to see you too :)
  8. Do you have a proper job?
  9. Nope. Do you have any form of relationship with the MOD.

    I'm busy with a gynaecological research proposal for natalie portman
  10. If you are addressing that question to me, please define a "proper job".

    What exactly are you trying to achieve with your charming manners, Mr. Gimp?
  11. Independent Boffin, crack on Barnes Wallis and Frank Whittle were laughed out of the ministry on several occasions, Christopher cockerill was deemed a quack.

    If you can design something that protects life well done and dont give up. Scientists are still trying to rediscover damascus steel.

    One of my GEMs ideas was stolen by a rupert, six months later he is picking up a fat cheque, go for it.
  12. This sounds like a really cool idea. The shock wave from a projectile builds to a maximum in something under 1 µs, but I'm sure you've found a way of getting this thing to deploy in well under 1 ns, so no worries on that score. When your system is ready for trials, I suggest you volunteer to go point on a few patrols in Afghanistan, wearing your wonderful invention. If you don't happen to walk into an IED in the first few days, I'm sure you'll find someone who'll be happy to rig something up with a grenade and a long piece of string. We could even post the resulting video on here. You're fortune would be made!
  13. One in which one of 14 patents (which is no arbiter of innovation, success or originality by the way) gets off the drawing board and implemented?

    Otherwise, that looks like rather a pants hitrate. I mean, if I could be arrsed, I'd probably come up with a patentworthy idea right now.