Network Nazi's

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Oct 27, 2004.

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  1. Is it just me, but are system admins little Hitlers?

    Seems to me that the worse ones actually degrade security, disabling things like the command prompt - took us <30 secs to get it going again.

    Surely security shouldn't be that rigidly enforced that I'm left to finding ways to breach it in order to do my job.
  2. Its not usually a case of the Admins being hitlers, they usually work within a security policy which is dictated for the system.

    The dangerous ones are sys admins who impose policies because they can, without any thought for the user. This usually results in users mining around the system for a work around, and with a microshaft product, you'll usually find it (it takes under 3 minutes to become part of the administrators group, from having no access).

    A system security policy is a finely balanced art between the needs of the user and the business and the security of the system. If you require a tool like CMD, have a word with the sys admins, they may well be able to give you group policy access to it. Theres not alot you can do from command prompt that cant be done from the run command anyway.

  3. That would explain why my employer was accussed of hacking a network infrastructure today and me getting a email telling me in strong terms not to do it again. (I'd re-released some software resulting in a dialog box appearing on several sites servers, techincally wrong because of a security policy)
  4. Understand your grief Polar, but having run several networks/systems, including one for Bde Staff (never again), I'm always left marvelling at the cunning and ingenuity of users to totally balls up their own accounts, machines, and the network. Also the security policy you have to work within often means your hands are tied (for usually good reasons).

    However, I always will listen to a users request and try to help them if possible
  5. Pity their not getting the crap off the Divisional SO2 G6, not sure if I heard him right but I reckon he wanted to go back to carrier pigeons?

    I understand the system needs to be secure but when a HQ can't print cause Corshams down for maintenance, I'm stood their getting all the bloomin flak. How much of a security risk is it to allow my ops to add a shared printer or share folders (they do it 9-5 5 days a week at their civvy jobs) ???? The (regular) acting IS Sup isn't even allowed a admin password/premissions to keep his part of the network going.