Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by one-flew-over, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. I got a new Dell desktop PC a while back to replace an aging Compaq. All is well, but I want to make some space. I would like to link both CPUs so they work off the same monitor and keyboard, efectively accessing the Compaq from the Dell.

    I have a 'Crossover Cable' which plugs into the Ethernet port on each CPU (this cuts out the Internet as the modem uses this port on the Dell) but that is no problem as I can swap the caples for this.

    How can I access the Copaq from the Dell. I had hoped it would effectively plug and play but no joy. Can I set up a hpme network or would I need more equipment? Any help appreciated!

    Cheers, OfO
  2. I think what your after is a KVM switch (Keyboard,Video,Mouse) like this: KVM switch

    You just put the switch by your Keyboard etc. and switch between which PC you run off.

    You may have trouble if the Compaq and Dell are in separate rooms mind.

    Hope this helps
  3. Both computers need to be in the same workgroup - try running the network wizard on both computers and use the same network name on both.
    Do you still need the Compaq? A simpler solution might be just to remove the hard drive from the Compaq and add it to the Dell.
  4. The advantage of Mellie's proposal, even if it is a bit more technically demanding, is that it would enable you to access both hard drives at once. The majority of KVM switches are just that, meaning you have the choise of either Dell or Compaq but not both simultaneously.

    Another alternative would be to buy an external hard drive, upload (as opposed to backup) the Compaq files up onto it and then download them (either all of them or just those you need) onto the Dell. While it might cost a bit for the drive, you could then use it to keep the backups of your nice new Dell on....
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Buy an external USB HDD if you need more space. As you said, the Dell is a replacement, so erase the HDD of the Compaq ( and freecycle it.

  6. After a recent computer crash - which was painful, I bought one of those USB caddies, and it worked brilliantly. Maplin has them for both PATA and SATA drives at about £25 each.

  7. Or you could take the hard drive out of the Compaq and slave it in the Dell.
  8. Thanks guys.

    I have an external hard drive and all the data backed up. The main reason for needing both is a rather expensive photo programme (essential). I lost the disks so I can't add it to the Dell. I'm happy to have the Internet killed and only access to the Compaq - I don't need them together. I have a limited baggage move coming up and need to lose the monitor etc from the Compaq.

    I'll have a go at the above and if all else fails get the HD moved into the Dell tower!

    Thanks all for the replys and advice.
  9. You could access one computer from another using somethign like You can create a free account no problem and then access a pc that is connected to the internet from anywhere in the world.