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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by feckemall, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I was wondering if someone out there could offer some advice on which courses would be the most suitable to secure a relatively good job in Networking / IT in and around the Portsmouth area, although a 30 mile journey wouldn't hurt.

    I have found this company:

    and was thinking of doing the MCSE/MCSA for starters then probably going down the CISCO route.

    What do the resident experts recommend?

    Not that it should be an issue but I hit 46 next birthday and my 22 years and subsequent work has all been security related. I am also on year 2 of a distance learning degree in Risk and Security Management with Portsmouth Uni.

    Also has anyone used this company before?

    Thanks very much in anticipation.
  2. Just on your way out, or been out a while?

    Starter for 6 - MCSE 2003 with the Sy modules, quite a few places won't be looking at 2008 for a while yet, although not many people have the quals up yet so could be at an advantage.

    Global Knowledge are not bad at delivering the Cisco CCNA courses, but the core course materials and syllabus remains the same regardless of vendor. CCNA is handy for a good intro, but the roles you take on with it are generally fairly junior unless you have good experience in networking anyway.

    Know the infosec standards? Done ADS sets, and the risk assessments? You can make a modest salary churning those out, if you have as much experience as you say get yourself into the CLAS lottery and get yourself onto popstar wages... well at least £400 a day aint bad.
  3. I left in 2002 and have been jumping from one sy job to another. Currently in Baghdad so am looking at options post contract in about 2 years, and would like to use my free time wisely - hence BSc(Hons) course.

    I will look into the options you have covered there and see what I think I can manage.

    My other concern would be stepping into this field with no experience. I did do a MS NT 4 administrators course many moons ago but my use of that was very limited post qual. I would have thought having the quals in this technical field would demonstrate a certain amount of transferable ability irrespective of commercial savvy. Not the case . . . ?
  4. \\

    Did Koenig last year. its not bad. would recommend a combo course MCSE CCNA or MCSA CCNA. this would be more helpful. If you go to Delhi its hot and full of people begging? if you have some money go to the medium hotels the basic ones are v basic (mossies are a problem) if you need any other info PM me and i will help out where i can. i completed cisco course, and havnt helped as all folk want experince (so i am going back to do MCSE and MCSD) this year in the summer
  5. Thanks, I will PM. I was looking at the Goa destination and rgr the hotel grades, for such little difference in price but much in standards that is what I was thinking too.