Nettle Beer

I would like to recommend this recipe for nettle beer. Tried it and it come out lovely.

I did an orange and a lemon instead of 2 lemons. Different and even cheaper than normal home brew.

Next project is elderflower champagne as they are coming into season.

Anyone else got suggestions for hedgerow brews?
not hedgerow but ... furrow


Credits to Tom Keys, Dudley WC

For 1 gallon

4 lb OLD potatoes,
1lb Wheat*,
1 Lb raisins/sultanas,
2 lb dark sugar,
2 lb white sugar,
4 oranges.

High Alcohol Tolerant yeast,
yeast nutrient,
acid, [couple of squirts of jiff lemon will do]
tannin,[ 1/4 pint of cold tea .. no milk or sugar :) ]

Pectic enzyme,
Amalyse Enzyme ( Harris Super Enzyme contains both ).
*Either whole or cracked preferably.

Wash sultanas in hot water, mince/chop up,

Wash skin of oranges and "peel/zest" skin, discarding white pith as its bitter, place zest in saucepan covered with 1 pt water.
Bring to boil removing scum,
Juice the oranges then discard flesh.

Wash/scrub OLD potatoes removing eyes black spots infected cuts, bad flesh--DO NOT PEEL-- but chop up place in saucepan cover with 3 pt water and slowly bring to boil for 5-8 mins removing scum watching they don't get mushy !!
Strain hot potato liquor onto 2 lb dark sugar in bucket, stir to dissolve,
[discard spuds or use for bangers and mash]
Add liquor from boiled orange zest and the squeezed juice of oranges, Add minced sultanas and cracked wheat, stir to mix thoroughly,

Add 3 pints boiled water, allow to cool, check gravity about 1.090.
when cooled to body temp add yeast, nutrient and enzymes

Ferment in bucket 5 days, pushing 'wheat cap' down and gently stirring twice a day then strain off into demi-john then keep under airlock make up to 1 gallon with water [ BUT allow for the following extra sugar additions...]
Allow to ferment to SG below 1.015, add 4 oz white sugar, after 7 days SG again below 1.015 add 4 oz W/sugar, after 10 days SG again below 1.015 add 4oz W/sugar allow to fall to 1.000 then continue to add W/sugar in 2 oz till yeast exhausted.

Don't go above 1.005, ideally finishing 0.998-1.000 after several weeks, rack stabilise and set aside for 6 months.

Got one of these 3 weeks 'underway' and the alcohol fumes smell superb

Should give a strong 'wine' smells very similar to a cheapo whiskey and should be in the 20-23% ABV region ... without any distilling .. no no wouldn't do that your honour no no.. :wink:
Mr_Deputy said:
Anything doing with blackberries? Widely available in large numbers.

Remember to soak in salt water first as they often contain maggots etc. Salt water will force them out.
not tried blackberries yet... got some recipes but will be doing one once I get hold of some later in the year.

Just finished playing around with supermarket fruit juices. .. made 2gallons of a 'Blackcurrant and Apple' made from Lidls blackcurrant squash, Lidl apple juice and lidl red grape juice... 'super' fermented it out and it came in at 20.5% ABV lovely stuff with a real kick ...

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