Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mrsimmers, Jul 19, 2012.

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  1. Is it still there ?

    I did my MILAN section & detachment commander courses there.

    Security was crap as there was a main road through the the middle of the camp.

    Accomadation & cookhouse one side and training wing the other.
  2. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    The village of Netheravon is, the SWW isn't (now to be found in Warminster at the SWS).
  3. The whole of Netheravon including residents was sold to the Japanese by the Blair government & is now an Engrish theme park & museum of inbreeding outside Tokyo. What you see is a carefully constructed replica, with holograms living there.
  4. It's still there the only people using it are JSPC and the MT section from one of the MI units.
    Most of the buildings are boarded up and are mothball.The shit hole will still be used for the MRX tasks.
    Basically the MOD has run out of money to keep it going and at the prices Aspire Defence charge for any thing at all no wounder.
  5. All the ammo and ammo storemen were moved to the Fargo ammo compound at Larkhill late '95. A right pain in the arrse for the MT as they then came under all the HAZMT regs that previously didn't apply due to the ammo store being within the SPTA boundary.
  6. Netheravon House, a rather splendid former Hunting Lodge and the Officers' Mess when I went through the Support Weapons Wing, is now a pair of 'posh' semis, the Stable Block and Courtyard that housed the classrooms is now a series of 'conversions' full of the sort of people that drive 4x4s but don't like getting them dirty, the rest of it looks fenced off and/or derelict.
  7. I did some Milan introductory training there in late 70's or early 80's I think - anyway, about a year later Time Team from C4 did a dig there and found Roman ruins under some of the (then) demolished huts. To be honest, the Roman ruins looked in better condition than the huts I stayed in.....!

    Wasn't there an IRA bomb thrown from a passing car or something in the 70's? As mrsimmers said, security was indeed somewhat grim.
  8. At the end of one of the rows of huts was a large ball shaped gas storage tank, IRA put bomb next to to
    it. No one died but believe a couple of PS (not SASC) were injured.
  9. They were pretty relaxed about security back in the late '80s, too, but I supposed a bunch of 17-year-old Public Schoolboys weaving back lashed from the pub on the nights of JSPC(N) Sport Parachuting courses were hardly like to be a deep-cover PIRA cell...
  10. No this happened in the SWW camp. Can't remember if the other camp was AAC,but that's where they jumped out of things.
    There was a public right of way through SWW. Crazy!!
  11. There were two camps in Netheravon - Airfield Camp up on the hill and, I think, the original home of the Royal Flying corps and the Support Weapons Wing in the village.
  12. Still plenty of MQs at Netheravon very very cheap housing ;)
  13. Went parachuting there, what else goes on I have no idea.
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    ISTR Airfield Camp was occupied by 7 Regt AAC when I went to JSPC(N) in 1977 on a course. I was stationed next door in Tidworth. In 1976, we used to do driver training north out of Tidworth, turn left toward Netheravon and just as you drove out again there was greasy spoon where all the training Ferrets, Foxes and Scorpions pulled in, crews had bacon butties and an enormous mug of whichever brew you preferred, then swap drivers and head back. Repeat in the afternoon. Halcyon days.

    When I head off to Wales I still drive through Tidworth and Netheravon (scenic route rather than motorway) and pass this building every time: it's a Balti house now.

  15. That is terrible news (although probably not "news" as such). I still have delicious thoughts about what might have been with Angie the officers' Mess barmaid from when I did my mortar platoon commanders course there in the mid eighties. I suspect that she is probably not quite so milflicious today as she was twenty years ago, but I can still dream!