If anyone haere has ever served in Netheravon, can they please tell me what it's like!! What is the camp/accomodation/surrounding area like?  Nearest town?  Use of the JSPC facilities?  
I am looking at being posted there in January next year.


Netheravon, is approx 4 miles from Larkhill and 6 from Bulford.  The local area is just countryside although like larkhill it is part of SPTA.  Close to SPTA (C) and close enough to the Arty Impact area to know when we are pounding it.  The Local towns are Amesbury, Devizes, Malborough and the city of Salisbury is about 20 miles away.  It is a quiet place to be in and the A303 is about 3 miles away if you need access to the south of England.
hhmm -if it is bad as Upavon you are in trouble.  It's nearer Bulford though so you can scoot over there for some quality R 'n' R.....
It,s not far away from Salisbury which is ok i suppose,plus you are near to the south coast for going out and stuff,i am at Larkhill and its very dull and boring really,nothing goes on and at weekends the whole place becomes deserted,because noone can stand to stay there  ;D

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Serving there now, my old china.   If you are a JR then accom is a bit rough, built about 15 years ago but has not stood the test of time.   Seniors can do better if they are lucky by getting into the old Officers accommodation circa 1913 (I kid you not, it is listed!) or they are in the same albeit different part that the JR's are in.   No NAAFI shop or bar but an all ranks bar that is managed by the camp.   The mess, although large in membership, because of the vast differing units and diaries, is not very active.   The staff are dop dog and always helpful, the mess is probably the most unintrusive I have been in.   JSPC has a bar and generally do not object to visitors.   There is a pub in the village, about ten mins walk to get to it, about half an hour to return up the biggest hill in living history.   Nearest town is Amesbury at 5 miles with limited night life, really is what you would expect from a garrison town.   Two "clubs" open after hours, just an excuse to carry on drinking with loud music in the background.   Taxi is about £10-15 back.   Salisbury is not so bad, £30-40 on the taxi.   Further afield but this requires a driver is Bournemouth/Poole which is OK in the summer.   The whole camp is a mix and match of various units, from the AAC TA who control and administer the camp to the Defence Fire Service to HQ the Recce Bde to Int Corps.   We all seem to get on fine, there are often people you don't see for months on end and then see every day for a fortnight.   Very quiet and picturesque, steeped in Army Aviation history from before the formation of the junior service but, like all airfields, miles from bloody anywhere!


I know you!   Courage Directors is not crap beer and nor is Wadsworths 4X!   The local brewery in Netheravon (I forget the name for now) produce what is best described as fizzy sherry!
The classic beer venue must be the Kiwi pub in Bulford.  I have heard some cracking stories about what goes on in there.  Sadly, I am not allowed to go in.... my chap has banned me saying the clientele would think I was 'an officer's wife looking for some meat'.  Can't think what he means.

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Dear Sweetheart,

There are those of us that remember it as the Saxon changed as the PC brigade considered it as to aggressive!

Sweetie, could you just give me the address of that Kiwi place? You know just to be sure I don’t accidentally fall in there and get taken advantage of by all those meat eaters what with me being a vegetarian an all.

Davros, Get ur arrse to ENZOS on a Thursday night nothing but Granny from wall to wall. I misheard first time as well. Never been the same since    
It's literally just across the road from Bulford camp main entrance.  I cannot give you more precise location, directions, grid reference without breaking the terms and conditions of my fluffy-kitten-contract.

Have a great time and don't forget to report back to us.. especially if you get involved in  'The Vegetable Game'......
I was thinking more along the lines of hunt the sausage.

Ahh what it is to dream.


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The 'Saxon' what a shithole, that was the absolute last resort if you were stuck for a pint on a wet Wednesday in November. Amesbury as a minimum but my preference would be Salisbury. Mind you I'm talking about nearly 20 years ago, so times may have changed a bit.

The one good night I remember in the Saxon was after 1 Para's 'Battalion Revue Night' excellent evening, some of the skits performed that night are legendry in 1 Para circles.


Hate to drag up a very very old thread, but has this place got better or worse in the last Eight years, am posted there soon and need some new info!!! Cheers

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