Anyone tried it since it's started up over here, if so what are your views, i.e. is Blinkbox better or worse?


I've not used it. My new home theatre setup has t'interweb and I can stream films via "lovefilm" direct to my TV for a few ££s a month. Is Netflix any better?


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I've looked at LoveFilm and NetFlix and Sky Movies - there's nothing there I really want to watch.
Netflix streams at at a higher resolution than Lovefilm so is better quality, the downside is they keep recommending films to me based on my previous choices, not a big deal but I would rather choose from just a list.
If you have a satellite dish, another option is a Dreambox clone, or similar (spiderbox, vu box, ect), with a monthly subscription, circa £6. This really really opens up the satellite option; in excess of 1300 channels. A cheap motor for the dish (c £45 on ebay), and that becomes 35,000+ channels....

I think Sky costs "about" £75 for every channel they offer, ie 150 channels plus 40-ish selected free-to-view.
sky isnt that much we pay about £40 for everything but movies and there only about another £7 and we have HD.


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I'm a Lovefilm user and, while the streaming-through-the-PS3 got old quickly (there aren't that many good films on the online database) the postal service is pretty good. For our loyalty (read: about 8 months of subscription) they upped our allowance from one BD at a time to two, so that can average five HD films per week if you keep up with your returns. I've heard very good things about Netflix but, not having used it, can't compare directly.
The good thing about Netflix is that with the later generation iPods and iPhones, you can use the netflix app and a composite cable to play on any TV - which is good if you do alot of travelling, and don't have the space for a full compendium of movies on your device.
sky isnt that much we pay about £40 for everything but movies and there only about another £7 and we have HD.
Are you on a deal? I've just jumped onto Sky on-line order system, and I'm at £84.25 already

Sky TV ,
Sky TV
£64 Monthly
Entertainment Packs
Sky Entertainment Extra
Premium Packs
Movies 1
Movies 2
Sports 1
Sports 2
Chelsea TV,
HD Pack

I think thats everything - sans multiroom- I'm not sure as Sky's site is such a piss-poor example of design. Either way, its still more money and less cost that the open-source equivalent.

And even if you are getting 'everything', £40 is still more than £6. Dreambox costs depends on model, but even for the DM800HD SE at £145, plus a sub at £6/month, it recoups the cost over a Sky subscription in 4 months, and picks up more than 3x the channels Sky aallow you to see.
I was on Lovefilm for a while, wasn't impressed with the line-up, as it had zero TV shows and many of the movies on streaming were utter filler tripe. There wasn't even any seeming sense on what was available to watch via streaming on PC and that available on PS3, where it seemed many of the half-decent/half-recent films weren't available.

I then found the process of unsubscribing utterly hateful - its that good old standby of indian call centers and heavy weighting of the answering system toward new sales as opposed to those with existing accounts - can't stand that shit. Even after a 25 minute wait, it was another 10 minutes of arguing to get them to cancel my account as opposed to just extending and discounting.

Netflix OTOH seems to have a better range of films and TV shows, better quality streaming, and not only pumps out to my PS3, PC but also has an android app which I'm rather enjoying (but yes, I am burning through monthly data transfer rather rapidly).

Finally, if you don't like them, netflix just lets you cancel your subs through the web site.

I don't know about other people, but for me things like the complaints/cancellation handling tells me a lot about a company and its attitude to its customers.

Oh... and you don't have to just look at the recommendations, you can search and browse by categories too.

I do like the idea that it's 'mobile' and since they're offering a free month trial I may just indulge.
I dunno how you've got that? I have all the channels, sky HD, sky 3D etc and my bill is something like £48 a month.
If you read the post, it says exactly how I got that, and what was included - using Sky's online order system. £6 is also cheaper than £48 a month, too.
I do like the idea that it's 'mobile' and since they're offering a free month trial I may just indulge.
I had the month's trial and was impressed with the quality and the choice (which you've got to hope is going to get bigger) and the ability to watch TV series as well - 24 on the trot!

I did try lovefilm but the streaming choice was poor and the disc's I wanted were never available so I got second best all the time. I've decided to stay with netflix as SWMBO is happy with it and it ticks the right boxes for me.
I'd heard Netflix were a bit limited on choice, but from this thread that doesn't seem like that's the case.

Will try it for the free month..
I tried Netflix however all the movies there are a couple of years old and the search functionality is Sh*t.
The gadget show reviewed online streaming providers and Netflix came top.
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