Net Phone Calls Scam

The conmen aim to catch vulnerable members of society
Malicious hackers are turning to net phone systems in a bid to trick people into handing over personal details.

Security firms have identified several scams in which net phone systems are harnessed to try to catch out potential victims.

In one con people are called about supposed fraudulent activity on their credit card.

So far few people have been caught out but security firms expect the number of scams to grow.

Call barring

Many hi-tech criminals currently use e-mail as the sole method of delivering spam, as well as viruses and phishing messages - in which an e-mail and/or website purports to be that of a bank or financial institution.

Others are harnessing newer technologies to find and catch out fresh victims.

Some criminals are now using net phone systems in a bid to make their come-ons look more legitimate and convince people to hand over useful details such as credit card numbers, bank account details or personal information.
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