Ladies and Gents,

Could anyone be good enough to tell me how to get to Nescliff camp from Brum? I have to be there for the morning!!

If he`s still reading this he`s very very late now
ceecee said:
Has it still got the nissan huts with the stove in the middle?
No, they took the stoves out for H+S reasons, so now it`s a 3 Watt electric heater on the wall
What a shame they got rid of them....I remember trying to light one, having no luck with flames but getting the whole room absolutely fog-ridden with smoke. What a fantastic time we had trying to get some heat-seem to remember that we gave up in the end and got drunk instead !!
i was there in august. usual standard of accomodation. as for electric heaters, we were in the nissan huts but they had gas heaters. the service staff on site were great at fixing them for us and we were toasty all week. by the way, we stayed in the nissan huts opposite the cookhouse and there was no power points in any of them - be warned if you are going there!!

food was reasonable as well and they had a couple of decent looking slophounds dishing it out - dont know if they are still there or not

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