Nervous about basic training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jamieboy89, May 19, 2009.

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  1. Mayb it natural to feel nervous coming towards the start of basic training and thats how i am feeling just now , maybe im worrying about fitness then again maybe im worrying about nothing as i feel fit enough or maybe because its a big change in life.
    On a scale of 1-10 how difficult is basic training overall in your expierances or know about it? :?
  2. It's a shock to the system, because it's supposed to be.

    Work at it, and you'll get there. Don't psych yourself out!
  3. well i have never been as of yet as i am waiting for a final date as many on here will comment then that i should no be posting a reply on here to you but oh well i will . as i have heard basic is meant to be hard but rewarding and you can make training a lot easyer for ur self keep eyes open gob shut talk when only spoke to thats advice ive heard many give as long as you keep up with ur fittness you should have no problem asept injury as traing is progressive .
  4. Eh?
  5. It was nails back in the 80s, but in this day and age it has softened some what, but again that depends on how easy a childhood you have had, some struggle some breeze it. all i can offer in advice is stay mentally positive, try your hardest at all time, be a team player and do not lose your cool. Oh and those who have rank above you (in your case the instructors) respect their rank and always carry out orders, only if legal of course...Above all enjoy it :D
  6. Depends what you are joining and where your strengths lie, I certainly could not have trailed through phase after phase in pursuit of a technical trade but seemed to fair ok with 8 months of thrashings, you'll enjoy it, and from what I gather nowadays unless you are made out of plasticene and eat your own feaces when your nervous then you just, might, be there on the final day ! :D
  7. Im going for infantry ! ,, Any diffrence?
  8. yea it is i think no paras in p coy do loads things different to normall inft.
  9. Im off to Catterick in 11 days, not nervous just excited and gonna try and make the most of it :)
  10. t's horrendous mate, you get thrashed all the time, no sleep,little food and no female company (assuming your into that sort of thing and not just a five knuckle shuffle) and the worst thing is the instructors may help you leave the establishment you are part of with a set of nuts :D

    All kidding aside apparently it's not for everyone but the fact is how will you no if you don't attend the big show, the nerves are expected I mean your not sure what the crack is but as will all of us we will find out, just dig deep and give 110%!!
  11. You should apply the same focus to Phase 1 as you do to your personal physical training, always go the little bit further! There's a light at the end of the tunnel mate - if you want it that much, you'll let nothing stop you!

    Hope this helps in some way.

    Syn :)
  12. I passed out earlier this year and to be honest, it was a lot easier than I expected.

    just go in with the right attitude and you'll be fine!

    don't be lippy to the platoon staff and don't mix with the dicks of your platoon (cos there will be some, mine was full of them) and you'll be fine!

    there is honestly nothing to worry about, when it starts getting to you just think its only 6 months of your life, training is NOT the army.

    its completely different when you get to battalion
  13. Stop being a big girl's blouse and get on with it. You will be fine, just get stuck in and enjoy it.

    Might sound harsh, but that is all you have to do. It is ok to be aprehensive but do not let it get out of hand. Millions have been there before you and millions will follow.
  14. Keep your head down, keep your mouth shut, work hard, do as you are told and LISTEN to your instructors. They will make a soldier of you.