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Going to swear my oath of aligence tomorrow, and now the nerves are really starting to kick in. Cant wait to get to pirbright and start basic but cant get this feeling out of my guts. Any one else feeling this nervous or is it just me, and i mean about starting basic, not just in general.
I await your pi55 taking responces.
You'll be fine mate, were all in the same boat.

Once you see people that are on your train that are going with us and you get talking to them the nerves will just disappear.
Why do you think you are nervous? Anything in particular, or is it just.. because you are joining the British Army!

Au naturel I think mate, it's a wee bit nerve racking joining the best army in the world, you just don't know what to expect. You passed selection, so you must be suitable so far :D
Starting soon myself and really starting to brick it. Its wierd because I'm dying to go but nervous at the same time. I think the big thing for me is the moving away from home. But I'm not going to pull out now, I know theres a good job in it for me. Best of luck with basic mate and dont piss you're pants atleast!
Well lads, just got back from swearing my oath of allegience, now its done i feel a lot better, its kind of made it real now. So only 9 days to go for basic, see you all there. :D

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