Nerina Pallot - and obsession

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dr_Evil, May 22, 2006.

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  1. In between fancying Mrs Evil and Scarlett Johanssen, though not simultaneously, I've also been feeling the twitch with regards to this saucy foxtress (despite her issue-driven rawk music):

    God bless girls.

    By the way, how is it that the make-up people managed to make Scarlett look less sexy in their stupid lipstick advert? Though she seems to have overdone herself here, too.

  2. Completely with you on this one, Doc.

    I had a complete moment watching her last video. It was just at the moment during the food fight where she gets down on all fours and crawls through all that messy food directly at the camera.

    I couldn't help myself. I had to knock one out. I unbuckled my jeans, ripped my y-fronts off (debagging myself in the process, but I was far too gone to care), worked myself up into a frenzy and shot my load onto the floor. Still not sated, I managed to bang two off the same hard in under a minute. Finally satisfied, I flopped back in to my chair, breathing heavily, unable to do anything apart from stare at the TV with glazed eyes.

    Apparently, it put the rest of the family right off their Sunday Roast.
  3. Thank God. I thought it was just me.

    Exactly. Right-click on the link I gave, choose "save target as" and in no time at all (unless you're using the telephone to access the internet) you will own your very own copy of that very video for later viewing at your pleasure.

    Don't ever say I'm not looking out for you guys.
  4. Excellent, thanks for that.
  5. if only she was 20 years younger, i could smile at her gleefully over the top of my thomas the tank engine lunch box after a lesson of sex ed..
  6. Damn you...I'm going to have to wait a while before I stand up now...
  7. Dr Evil

    You two or is it three timing tart.

    When did Miss Granger of Harry Potter fame leave your list of lovelies? I am worried that your latest addition may be somewhat restricted in genetic diversity as she is a native of Jersey. This well know tax haven is also know for family trees with no branches! Does the vido show her feet? if so check to ensure she doesnt have any buckshee toes.

    Photos appreciated for those of us subject to internet nazis at work.
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  9. RTFQ


    She's toothsome, what's her music like - is she another bloody Norah Jones or Dido? Sure they sing about loneliness and desire, but when you turn up at their bathroom window you find out they didn't write those songs about you at all, but about David Boreanz or that bloke who played Zack in "saved by the bell" - then hey presto, you're not allowed within 100m of them or their CDs.

    At least Karen O puts out if you kick her bedroom door through.
  10. I've only heard the song to which I've linked in the posts above. More indie than Norah Jones and far from Dido (though we're not talking death metal here). Has engaged in clubbery in the past.
  11. RTFQ


  12. 8O

    Flagrant clubbery, with malice aforethought.

    Music reminds me of Cheryl Crow now that I've listened to that song a few times. God, I hate Cheryl frikkin Crow.


    The hook "I don't want to die" is actually quite arresting. Like an arrestor hook.
  13. RTFQ


    Oh I know that one. Sheryll Crow without the brilliance of "Strong Enough". I'd better ring Karen back up and tell he she can stay over a bit longer.
  14. You cant, you havent got a spare bed (the pish stained matress on your spare room floor doesnt count).
  15. Video is good, though. I love that fake fighting slow-mo shtick, as seen in Spaced and ripped off by Microsoft's advert for the XBox 360.

    Look at me - a meejah hoor or what?