Nerdlinger help/advice needed. Probs with CoD4

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Salford-Vera, Dec 4, 2008.

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  1. Ive recently started to get a problem whilst playing the above, it seems that after anything between 10 and 30 mins my whole system crashes. there is no warning or even a hint of a blue screen it just shuts down.

    Have any of you lot had this problem or has anyone heard of it happening elsewhere and have a solution to fix it.

    It doesnt do it on any or game or site i go into.


  2. Console or PC :? graphics card not up to scratch :? System struggling to cope?
  3. PC mate, not sure whether the graphics card is up to scratch as i have played the game since it came out and not had a problem. How would i know if the system was struggling?


    Billy Gates
  4. Could be the system overheating then shutting down?

    Then again i'm not a PC GP either so...?
  5. Do you think that CoD could shut the system down because the game itself was generating to much heat within the pc? (Does that even make sense?)
  6. The parts could be overheating trying to cope with it, but as you said it was playing fine for a long time.

    Maybe a part has cashed in it's pension?
  7. Dont know what you mean with the pension stuff SS. Or am i just thick as fook?
  8. By that I man it's nackard, on it's way out. Could be, but you best wait for someone else a little more experienced than me.
  9. Ok cheers fella. Soz for bein a thick fooker, i get it now!!!
  10. it slows down...a lot.....also the graphics become pixelated (correct word?) :wink:
  11. Ive not noticed it slow down either tbh, and as far as the pixelation goes, there fine! ;)
  12. Fan on GFX card could be on its way out causing overheat and death or even CPU cooler
  13. Are they easy to replace? I have noticed a sort of buzzin weering noise from my pc recently which i presume will be the fans.
  14. Gfx fan can be a complete barsteward the CPU not to bad it all depends on the type you get. Then again it might not even be that..
  15. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    It could be your power supply. If it's dying then it won't be providing the power it once did. This will affect your graphics card (a serious drain on wattage) and, if the system doesn't get the power it needs, it will shut down.

    Can you see a power rating on the PSU? It's a block about 10cmx10cmx6cm where the kettle-style power cable goes into the PC. Tell us that, tell us how old it is, and give us some specs on your PC (3d card, processor) and we can make a better judgement.