Nerd info required please.

Im currently with tiscali who i think are utter whank, ive been with em for a couple of years and i think its time to move on. With this in mind im after recommendations for a new provider and also any websites that show what brand is best in what area.

Nice one.
Simple answer, move provider to ZEN. They knock the socks off anything else going.
Look them up and see what they offer and the number of awards they have. The tech. support is second to none and the call center is UK based. They give full support for PC, Mac and most flavours of LINUX.


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pipex have always been good for me. They were recommended by one of the comms. geeks at the Bank where I used to work, and have delivered a decent service.

Their admin can be weak, but when they have screwed up (twice), I've been able to negotiate discounts / service improvements as compensation for corporate ineptitude.
Zen seems to get a decent write up on that think broadband. Does anyone have such a list that shows average download speeds in areas? Mate of mine says he gets about 14mbps, he only lives 3 miles away. I get half of what i pay for, 1mbps.
Thanks for that, mate just told me are pretty good although they dont appear on the list for my area.

I'll keep looking.

Just one other thing, has anyone changed there provider and if so how much of a ball ache was/wasnt it?
In theory changing your service provider should be a relatively simple process. I have done it countless times now and the majority of the time its a simple process.

You may get a a little time without a service if your old and new providers aren't up to scratch, but it should be almost seemless.

1- Contact old provider and ask for your MAC (Migration Authorisation Code). Confirm what the final day of your service with them will be.

2- Contact new provider and give the the MAC, let them know of the final date of your current service so they can tie in the start of the new one.

Everytime I have done it they service has changed from one provider to the other on the same day, normally with little or no outage. As soon as you can no longer access pages etc, just put the new login (which you should get well in advance) details into your modem / router and job done.
I use sky and the download and uplaod speed are very good. If you have sky it is well worth it, I even invested in sky just for the ISP.


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All_I_Want said:
I use sky and the download and uplaod speed are very good. If you have sky it is well worth it, I even invested in sky just for the ISP.
I have an aversion to putting ANY money into the hands of Rupert Murdoch. At least until he pays as much UK income tax as I do, and stops interfering in the politics of my country, whilst not being a citizen, by the editorial policies of his newspapers.


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Slightly off topic, but still a nerd question:

My offspring has asked for a laptop to take away to university. Subject to the right A level results I've said I'll consider providing one. What sort of spec should I be looking for? He'll want to use the usual MSWord, email, and games, plus run a CAD package, and presumably surf for whatever young men surf for.

It will need to be light, so he can take it to lectures and labs, and ideally it should communicate with his Desktop Computer, which is a Sony VAIO, and as an aside he mentioned 'I wouldn't mind an Apple'.

Any advice for something which won't break my bank account?


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