Discussion in 'Officers' started by sparrow, Nov 2, 2005.

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  1. Hi

    I am applying for officer training, unfortunatley my father has never been a lord or an officer. How level is the playing field, is background unimportant?

    Is the North not allowed in? certainly not many of t'chaps during numerous fam visits.

    Any jokes, keep em to yourselves, its not big or clever.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    If you don't want members of this board to take the p1ss out of you, you've started badly. If you want to find out how I became an officer, you'd better have a word with my father, Field Marshal the Duke of Cpunk.

  3. Oh dear, I suspect we have a ********* here even before he's started! :roll:
  4. What a cracking start. Well done, sparrow, well done.

    Watch out, watch out.
  5. Officer? Officer? Thee? Doo tha' sen a feever and fook off back t' t'Hovis advert where tha cem from, ybig clog wearin fancyboy.
  6. Sparrow - at least you're well balanced with a chip on both shoulders.

    Now go and grow up.
  7. Best not old chap!
  8. Don't worry, we let anybody in these days, including green faced, orange haired, fried mars-bar fetished 5 foot nothing immigrants from North of the border.

    But Sandhurst will knock the accent out of can barely hear the Paisley undertones in Sangreal these days, and he didn't even go to a good school!
  9. Do they train batmen at RMAS as well ?. Only northern oiks with a chip on their shoulder need apply.
  10. no, but i heard The Gotham City Military Academy are now taking applicants?
  11. try the air force, it's full of northern monkeys. you can have my job if you like.
  12. They wouldn't even want you in as a soldier of you don't have a sense of humour!! The army is not class orientated these days (apart from a few cav and inf regts), but it is people oreintated, and it seems that you have major communication issues.
  13. Great interpersonal skills Sparrow, perhaps you should consider a career as a lighthouse keeper. :roll:
  14. Not to worry my dear chap, given the parlous state of defence spending at the moment I'm sure that should your father, who I presume is a nouveau riche scrap merchant from Batley, wish to present the regiment of your choice with say, a privately purchased Warrior or CR2 you'll be welcomed with open arms.

    Otherwise please try not to make too much noise when you leave my freshly polished shoes outside my room in the morning.
  15. Sparrow, Suggest you walk across to obvious blue Police telephone box which must be somewhere nearby, probably surrounded by dustbin-like thingies with ray guns, and hop aboard. With a fair wind and a bit of luck you might just make it to the 21st Century.