HELP! Going tomorrow on a fastball. Can anyone recommend a decent hotel or guesthouse in Katmandu, about £5-£10. Have checked various search engines and there's too much choice so would value any suggestions.
Cheers M'dears and hab
Get into the Thamel district of 'Kat and have a mooch around - you gets whats you pays for though.
Kathmandu Guest House (KGH) used to be a safe bet - 20+ years ago though so things might have changed. Amazing country - enjoy!


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Avoid the Kathmandu Guest House; it's a rip off these days, far better value for money available. Just get a taxi into Thamel, drop off at the KGH and then head down the street towards Durbar Square and ask in the places you pass. I've stayed in loads of little places which you won't find on the internet for booking but they are great little places.

Just remember though, you do get what you pay for!