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NEPAL - visa

I've been told I need to 'log on to the british embassy in London website and go to the defence section', or the 'defence section of the foreign office' in order to sort out my visa for travelling to Nepal in the summer.

The only embassy + defence sections I can find are in the embassies overseas.

Please can someone point me in the right direction (supply a link if pos!!) so I can get on with sorting everything out?

I believe that if you are only entering the country as a tourist you can get your visa on entry at the airport.

I went to Nepal at Christmas and got mine as I went through immigration at Kathmandu Airport, cost approx US$30 (I cant remember exactly) - quite an efficient system.
That's what I thought, but my AO seems certain I have to have permission to go from the Foreign office, and need to contact the defence section... so whilst I would have thought I'd have to get the visa from the Nepalese embassy, I don't know what to do about the permission bit.
I've emailed her for clarification, but not heard anything back yet.
Tbh, I'm sure no-one would notice if I just got an ordinary tourist visa, it's not like I'm planning to take my MOD90 with me, but I'd rather not get a bollocking from those in authority before I've even properly started my career!

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