Nepal LOA Temporary Duty Rate

nepal page on jpa does not work to find out the required information.

can anyone help out please ????
You want EXTRA dosh for going there? They should half your pay it's so dirt cheap, and what's there to spend it on anyway!
Does negative LOA exist yet?

It will! :evil:
Knocker according to the book the Temp Rate is 75% of the full rate. Still trying to find the rates but for info I think they get emailed out to higher formation approx once a month.


Jockster915, the full rates would be a start at least.

still no answer for us, chaps ????

Knocker have exhausted all of my contacts with no joy. I now find myself behind the toilet door with rope in hand ......

ewan check pm's
Thanks for your assistance Ewan, blank cheque in the post :D
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