Nepal Language Training


I hope somebody here can provide some more information about the 'Nepali Language Training' course that apparently they send all new Gurkha Officers on.

There doesn't seem to be much information (that I could find on here, or Google) regarding this phase of training for new Gurkha officers. What information I could find states that the course lasts 3 months, and takes place in Nepal.

Could anyone provide some extra info, such as where the course takes place, what an average day, or week would entail, and if there are opportunities to see the country, or observe recruiting etc whilst there?

Many thanks in advance!


Course runs at the Depot at Pokhara and is pretty hard work, covering both spoken AND written Nepali. Like most Army courses, you are expected to work 9 - 5 and do homework.

You NEED to get hold of the pre study pack do some preparation work and get up to speed as quickly as you can.

There is an opportunity to go hillwalking after the course and meet the old boys up in the hills. (and do doko races if you want to..)


Many thanks for the quick reply! I did a bit more digging, and it seems some pdf files have been added to the Brigade of Gurkhas page on the Army Website, dealing with life in Nepal and other useful info. Its a shame the Army website is a joke compared to the Navy site, at least we have arrse I suppose!

Would you recommend doing some preliminary studying before even getting the pre-study pack? And if so, could you suggest a good book/CD etc?

And by the way, what is doko racing?

Thanks again!
its really a great language i am leaning from last year..
i have collected some audio books on it and started my self to learn read and wright nepali..

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