Nepal Has Fallen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RCT(V), Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. Nepal Has Fallen

    Oh dear! Does this mean there could now be a higher demand for (service) housing in Wales?

    Possibly "old" news, but this is the first I have seen, and it has not been mentioned before on ARRSE, or by the MSM.

    "The . . . powerful Communist party, the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist-Leninist) recently acquired the levers of power in Kathmandu after a democratic election. According to all international observers, the Communists in Nepal have close connections to the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing. This all but guarantees that rustic and rural Nepal will become a Chinese satellite on the border with India, a close American ally and a long-time opponent of China owing to a border dispute thatonce erupted in violence".

    " . . . Nepal is not high on Washington’s list of foreign policy priorities. The mountainous nation, which is consumed by the massive Himalayas, is mostly known for its Buddhism and its Gurkhas—a warrior people who still provide mercenary services for the British, Indian, and Singaporean armies".

    Published by: Benjamin Welton, on January 2, 2018
    Copyright of: The Zeroth Position . . The premier site for libertarian reactionary thought.
    Nepal Has Fallen - The Zeroth Position

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  2. Is Gerard Butler in it?
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  3. There's possibly a good reason why.

    Or, in plain English:

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  4. It's fallen? I bet a cat pushed it.

    It's my fault for leaving it near the edge of the coffee table
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  5. W P

    W P War Hero

    Could the Corbynistas be shipped there in exchange for more Gurkhas?
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  6. So, no Op. Nepali Freedom for the US to get embroiled in then?

    Oh, what a shame...:roll:
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    I wonder if the incoming regime will stop the recruiting of its citizens by the imperialist British.
  8. They'll all be arriving as asylum seekers.
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  9. For a moment I thought you meant the annual Corruption Perception Index which is published each January by Transparency International.

    This January's not out yet but Nepal did indeed fall one place down from 130 to tying at 131 last year with some other considered equally corrupt nations.
    Still above Nigeria though (just).
    Denmark & NZ are usually seen to be the least corrupt, UK usually come around 10th.

    1 Denmark
    1 New Zealand
    … …..
    131 Iran
    131 Kazakhstan
    131 Nepal
    131 Russia
    131 Ukraine
    136 Guatemala
    136 Kyrgyzstan
    136 Lebanon
    136 Myanmar
    136 Nigeria
    … ….
    175 South Sudan
    176 Somalia
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  10. Well that keeps me in a job for some time along with the recent events in Iran.
  11. "Mostly known for its Buddhism and Its Gurkhas" who are, of course, Hindu. And 'consumed' by the Himalayas? Eaten? Anyway, should be 'Himalaya'.

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  12. Which I personally can live with, as they have served the Crown for a couple of centuries. More than can be said for 80% of those claiming asylum currently
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  13. A one for one swap?
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  14. Not really... for two reasons.

    The Gurkhas are almost entirely recruited from a small handful of hill tribes. The majority of Nepalis have nothing whatsoever to do with the Gurkhas.

    The Gurkhas are essentially mercenaries. Their service to the Crown is tied inextricably to the favourable ToS with the British Army in comparison to the Indian Army and Singaporean Army Gurkhas, who they will quite happily serve with as a second option if they dip selection.

    A comparable ToS was fixed by treaty with the Indian Government at independence in order that Britain didn't get the cream of the crop. The terms of this treaty agreement have slowly fallen by the wayside. Their 'loyalty' is now further enhanced by the promise of automatic British citizenship at end of service, as well as right to remain for their extended families.
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  15. Give you an informative there Provo because I thought in my general ignorance that all Nepalese had the chance to try for HM Forces. My point being that they have more claim than most
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