Nepal Govt Wants To End Gurkha Recruitment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LeverBreachMechanism, Mar 20, 2012.

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  1. Ah, the Maoists! - how painfully predictable. Gurkha recruitment and pensions being one of the largest sources of foreign hard currency in Nepal, so naturally the local communist franchise wants rid of it. I wonder how all those astute chaps who were making the nuanced and subtle predictions when the Nepalese Monarchy was abolished to appease these same Maoists are going to explain this? No doubt it will be a question of throw about such terms as 'imperial throwback' and 'economic colonisation' and claim it's all progress.
  2. Saves the Army finding a way to lay them all off to save cash I suppose. We can just let them waste away naturally instead, or incorporate them into British regiments and Corps until the ones serving end their service.
  3. This has been on the cards for a long time. Personally i doubt the Gurkhas will be with us for very long.
  4. Gets rid of some more pay packets and keeps someone else happy at the same time. The Government has just about jizzed itself.
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  5. About 1 in 150000 Nepalese join the British army a year, I doubt it will have a big effect on the Nepalese public.
  6. Damn maoists.
  7. Anyone seen St Joanna recently?
  8. Damn, beaten to it.

    As to ending recruitment, this news won't bode well with the current RGR Bn's.

    As already stated, it'll just make the HMG job easier in the long term.
  9. Just don't say her name three times........
  10. If I was cynical I might conclude that a string pulling expansionist maoist superpower with an avid interest in the area doesn't want trained opposition there, but then that would be petty of me.
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  11. When the Gurkhas were settling in Nepal, a decent amount of their salary would be sent home. Now, that many (most?) will plan to retire in UK, the economic dynamics have changed. The rich seam of funding being pumped into Nepal's economy has reduced significantly and Nepal now sees no real tangible benefit from the arrangement. They lose a proportion of their better men (and women) to UK never to come home.

    I think Mrs Lumley's little crusade was the nail in the coffin.
  12. In addition to that you have the Indian and other Commonwealth Armed Forces too...
  13. Possibly, but the Maoists provided the coffin, by murdering their way into government.