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Nepal, Gadhimai festival.

Morning All,
That time of five years again.
Just wondering if any Arrsers are there at the moment, if they knew about it and any thoughts?


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What thoughts do you want? Have you been to Nepal?
It's been locked but didn't go very far last time

What thoughts do you want? Have you been to Nepal?

Morning @philc,
Didn't use 'Jarrod' button, Doh!, so did see locked thread.
I go over every year but hadn't even heard about it until five years ago, as it was the first time I was there when it was going on and someone locally I know suggested going.
I was due to go over this year on 1st December but had to change the date(nothing to do with festival), for the 18th.
I'd totally forgotten about it until I saw it reported in the local 'comic' here.
My thoughts. I don't agree with it due to the cruelty prior to the festival. It's their culture but seems a 'tad' excessive in the amount of animals sacrificed.
Depending on which history/origins you read, maybe they'd get less bad press if they just drew blood from five parts of their own body or sacrificed children instead;).
Everyone I know over there disagrees with it when asked. Even if they did agree, they probably wouldn't admit it to me.

p.s. I love curry but not too spicy.

Screenshot shamelessly nicked from another thread.


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I am sure that Joanna Lumley will be fully supportive.

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