Nepal’s Gurkhas battle to stay in British military - Toronto Star

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pandaplodder, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. Heard about this a few weeks back, could be trouble ahead in Nepal when they realise what has been lost with the Chinese back communists in charge
  2. I don't care as long as they stop coming to The Shot.
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  3. Get rid, I see no justification for them to be exempt from the current cuts other than Lumleys recent gobbing off, personally I think they are in general ******* shit and should have been binned years ago.
  4. Agree 100pc. If we are going for cuts, then it makes sense to get rid of the "contractors" first.
  5. Interesting article but some parts may backfire.

    It's not an isolated sentiment;
    Laxmi Sharma from the United British Ex-Gurkha Servicemen’s Association
    "Dogs are treated better than Gurkhas"

    If the public get the impression that there is a groundswell of resentment rising from the Gurkhas, whether it's justified or not, and start regarding them as serial whingers, the Gurkhas will only have themselves to blame.

    Resentment can go back a long way and racial discrimination accusations, legal aid, and 'Human Rights lawyers' can be a potent mix. The High Court may have been a bluff though in order to get a settlemen in this instance:
    Gurkha's 40 year's battle goes to the High Court
  6. They're not the always grinning, loyal, paragons of military virtue, wee men the Brigade of Gurkha's British officers lead everyone to believe, their PR machine is superb, so good they believe their own hype.
    They're generally one pint of rakshi and an imagined slight away from offing some of their officers.