Neopup 20mm grenade launcher

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by maguire, Mar 5, 2011.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    video of this thing here in operation -

    Neopup 20mm vs. Door, Truck & Wall | The Firearm Blog

    towards the end of the video they use it to punch a hole through a brick wall and put a pickup track out of action - handy bit of kit to have on current ops or is UGL enough would people say? looks like a handy rof out of it.
  2. It puts a big, messy hole in whatever you hit, but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of a fragmentation effect which is the desired effect from a grenade launcher.
  3. Looks as if it would be a very useful kit for compound clearances. Because it's man portable and direct fire it would certainly have a role, especially if it could be loaded with baton rounds.
  4. Wouldn't a shotgun with payload ammunition provide much the same capability in a much handier package though?
    HE in the form of FRAG-12
    Less-Lethal in the form of Taser X-Rep
    plus the usual goodies.
  5. I thought there were rules about having baton rounds or the same calibre as HE .

    My wording not quite being correct, but insofar as, an FRG on a riot is known as an FRG and the bloke taking hte piss in front of you knows hes going to get knocked on his back by a baton round. If you were to point a UGL at someone in a riot they may have a different response.

    Ive worded that to make it seem like a good idea but someone far cleverer than me made it sound like we shouldnt confuse the opposition with threatening weapons.
  6. metal storm 40mm triple grenade thingy. three 40mm grenades before need to reload, individual reloads so you can configure to your requirements (2 HE and 1 WP for a bit a shake and bake).
  7. There's a certain logic in not mixing lethal and non-lethal weapons. After all, combat and riot control aren't precisely stress-free environments and mistakes will be made. It would look fairly bad if you bring up a launcher to shoot a baton round at yonder smelly protestor but instead you give him a HE round centre mass. Not so good on the BBC evening news methinks.
  8. Don't see the problem myself
  9. You have to clean up the resulting mess?
  10. thats where the watercannon come in, just wash the slurry down the drain
  11. I think I brought up the idea of having under barrel tasers for rifles... apparently the idea of having such a lethal/nnon-lethal mix is not looked upon favourably. Apparently coppers with a hand gun on the left, and a taser on the right hip have made mistakes.
  12. it has apprantly happen where officers have drawn a handgun in place of the taser thanks to muscle memory, as such its guidance to always mount taser weakside

    you can get mounts for taser that allows it to be fixed to a picatinny rail -


    I've actully seen a prototype MP5 with a shorterned underslung launcher for baton rounds mounted in much the same way as an M203- a force armourer had knocked it up but never got it approved
  13. to dodgy methinks
    as much as everybody would laugh at swampy getting the good news from he the lawsuits woud drag on for years
  14. Don't see why you'd need to downsize to a 20mm... the 40mm we've got now could, in therory, be used for any and all situations. HEDP, WP, PRAC and DRILL are already out there, the yankee-doodles have 40mm baton and C/S.
  15. I'm not really sure about the metalstorm 3 grenade thingy, especially when Milkor make a 6 grenade thing.