Neo-Nazis jailed over royal threats


Two teenagers have been found guilty of threats to Prince Harry and his missus.

Teen neo-Nazis jailed over terror offences

Whilst they appear to be fairly unpleasant characters I wonder what the sentence would be if they were members of a left wing organisation. (I can't think of any, currently, banned ones) or had actually stabbed and injured a non royal?
To say the least, Szewczuk and Dunn-Koczorowski are a nasty couple of loons and it's good they're off the streets. But XLW and XRW are two sides of one coin and there's nearly always anti-Semitism in there somewhere. To say that leftism and Marxism are harmless is cultural Alzheimers and hairy horlicks. Reading that BBC report, yet again there's the "deeply entrenched views" and the violence, the arrogance and the inflated egos of extremism. This pair's ideology is apparently linked to the old National Action, which advocates killing kids, and other groups have actually done that.

While extremists are stuck on permanent argue mode and warring over race and identity politics: they're producing and inciting violent retards like Szewczuk and Dunn-Koczorowski. They can't see that though. Sure, the media, the liberal press, and a broad swathe of our institutions are liberal biased, even cowardly. But these XLWs and XRWs are all mental, dangerous degenerate mongs whatever ideology they're infected with.

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