neo-Nazi cell in Israel

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Sep 9, 2007.

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  2. I was laughing my arrse off at this one.
  3. why?
  4. Because its funny as f***.
  5. Prick.
  6. Are They Mental???? 8O

    Dont see it catchin on though!!! :roll:
  7. Calm down, its not about me hating Jews, despite what others may tell you.

    They're so desperate to settle the land they let in any tom, dick and harry and its well known that a lot of these Russian immigrants are bogus so yeah i'll have a little chuckle :p
  8. The question is why they were so desperate to go to Israel. Still, it proves it's not just us that has problems with random violence
  9. During the 90's many Russians wanted out of the former USSR looking for a better life in the West. Some used Israel as a stepping stone to other places or as a better opportunity then what they had at the time. Many have since returned to their country of origin.

    The big mistake was letting in 'all and sundry' but this neo-nazi thing is not new, there have been previous cases of neo-nazis in Israel (from the former USSR).
  10. Actually, it is bloody funny. Like all conspirators (in the Blackadder fashion), however, they made one tiny mistake, which was to film themselves and post the evidence on the internet:

  11. They sure look like the master race.
  12. Why should we laugh? It is bad enough that Israel occupy lands that they took in 1967 (like the Nazi's in 1936 to 39) and the world does nothing about it except hang their heads when Israel go on about the Holocaust.

    This is a huge warning sign for the rest of Europe, that right wing scum could start the same c.rap here.

    We are all a sitting target for the dregs on both sides of this situation.
  13. Um, the nazi's invaded. Israel defended an invasion for the third time and finally captured strategic land areas. Trying to tie Israel to nazi germany is a fairly moronic analogy. You sound like you buy into the arab propaganda machine. Israel is apparently the root of all evil in the world.

    Nazis in Israel is almost funny simply for the irony of it. Other than that it's sad that young russians, many of whom were slaughtered by the nazis, would find that ideology appealing.
  14. a drug addict is attacked on a tel aviv street then made to beg for forgiveness..

  15. Israel has an open door immigration policy for anyone who can claim the slightest Jewish connection even if this means a single Grandparent. So Granny Ester marries Boris back in 1940 or so and has a number of sprogs who spread out across Russia breeding. The next generation who do not know the old dear or even care that she was Jewish rock up to Israel with there very Russian prejudices and love of all thing neo nazi.

    I'm with the posters who can see the irony in this why didn't they go the whole hog and open a pork butchers as well? Better still an Offy in downtown Bagdad?