Neo-Nazi blames US for 9/11

Horst Mahler, a leading ideologue of the extreme-right National Democratic Party, is accused of condoning an illegal act.

In court in Hamburg he said Arabs had a right to retribution against the United States, which he described as "the bloodiest and most imperialist power the world has ever seen".

As opposed to that generous and peace loving democracy that ruled Germany between 1933 and 1945?


Give them a chance?
hey even blurrrr was given a second term in office!

see if he gets his third in the same way that thatcher did then gets his post as EuroPresident!

Attilla the hun, Blaire the benign,Caligula!

All thought they had the right idea!

Mr Happy

I'm not sure the Nazi policy decision of kill/imprison everyone we don't like and invade everywhere because we're better than they are is a policy decision we should look for.

I seem to recall America wasn't invading or at war with anybody on 8th September 2001.

If you kick the biggest most popular bloke in the pub in the knackers then you need to expect a reaction.  Whilst Saddam may not have done the kicking, him and his sort would have been egging Bin Laden on..

I honestly do believe that we're not going to war for no reason.

Mr Happy

I don't really want to have an argument over this forum but your comments are a little simplistic.  

Yes I agree WMD owned by several rogueish nations other than Iraq that might require a bit of a slapping BUT when it comes down to 'balance of power' (and that is the key phrase here) and past records Saddam is a very bad boy!  His invasion of Iran, Iraq's persecutions of '000s of its own citizens, essential civil war in the north (Kurds) and south (Shiites?) and invasion or Kuwait, supply of weapons to PLO/Hamas type terrorists (I know of nothing to do with Al Quaida though) clearly indicate there's a nutter in charge who needs replacing.  

Other places the US has gone into are:
  Somalia, Sierra Leone, nobody in charge - large scale war crimes.  
 NK hasn't done anything physical apart from chucking missiles over Japan.  
I don't think that the [US's] work there has been a bad thing.  I can't think of anywhere else more recently other than Afghanistan and I hope not too many people would argue against that little Op.

If you want to beat up the US, then ask me about their criminal policies towards Israel and there we can do it together.


Herr Mahler ought to know something about terrorism, after all he is one. He was a member of the RAF - NOT THAT ONE! - the Red Army Faction in the 1970s and did a long stretch in jail. Now he's a Nazi. Work that out!

Mr Happy

History tells us that governments set up in countries by occupying forces do not fare well,   Aghanistan after the Russian invasion for example. Will the Iraqi people accept their new leaders and what sort of political system will be imposed?

Unfair and no grounds for that statement.  Afghanistani govt. was the same before the Russian forces went in in 1979 to bolster it.  I figure the German govt. from 1946 has done OK, likewise Japanese.  Russians did fairly well in their sphere of influence too....  Actually there is a lot of mileage in replacing anti-US/Western/Christian/Brit governments with more friendly regimes.

Mr Happy

What I object to is the moral high ground that America have occupied for the last 50 years.

America has always had this problem and it is due to their political system.  It genuinely might want to help the people of Columbia against FARC but at the same time if they need to legislate the increased taxation of poor people in Wyoming to further the protection a foresty company then they'll do that instead.  This is of course America's problem in sending mixed signals.  


I am sure when Dubya and Blairwitch pile into Iraq, which will be soon. They will soon do a runner when it all goes Pete Tong, (The US and UK did this in 1991). When the Iraqi people decide they dont like the puppets Dubya will put in place!

And like it has been muted, where does it stop? Is Yeman or North Korea next? Just because the Playground Bully has been battered, there will always be another to sort out.

We're all doooooomed!

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