Nelson voted greatest British military hero of all time

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. I'm guessing you mean Nelson Mandela?
  2. Perhaps we can have John Churchill (later Marlborough) as the greatest Naval hero.

    Experts - pah !
  3. What dum arse would ever vote Nelson over Wellington.
  4. What about Dowding or Park?
  5. Greatest military hero? or Greatest military leader?
    Two different things. VC and bar would be hero.
    Commanding the battlefield on land or sea and winning.....?????
    I would suggest that of Leaders in Battle, Nelson put himself in harms way more than any other contender and gets my vote.
    Cannot remember reading about Wellingon being in the fray of battle or losing an arm or eye or his life.

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  6. Sir Francis Drake was the better leader/hero surely?
  7. Drake had the weather on his side....
    Wellingont had the Huns on his side at Waterloo.....
    Nelson had his 'Engage the enemy more closely' atttitude and lead from the front.
  8. All three deserve the recognition of being great leaders and military commanders. However there is a certain amount of luck involved in any battle. The real question is which battle had the most impact on Britain as a nation?

    Defeating the Armada?
    Defeating Napoleon?
    The battle of Britain?

    I think Henry VIII should get an award for telling the Pope where to get off in the first place.
  9. And Michael Bentine had Panzers on his side in his re-enactment of Waterloo in Potty Time.

    Classic :D
  10. Sorry Exile 1 - but that the fact that Wellington came through his battles unscathed and Nelson didn't was pure chance.

    Nelson was a psychotic egotist and certainly never worried about lives of his men. Wellington was not only fighting the French, most of the time he was fighting his own government. He had to worry about army resources.
    And his prime motivator was Duty, not ego.

    And as Prime Minister, he did more to ease the 'Irish' problem than any other.
  11. 3 alternative selections:

    Second Lieutenant Charles Hazlitt Upham
    Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse
    Surgeon Captain Arthur Martin-Leake

    All VC and Bar....................
  12. I thought we were talking about heroes?
    Duty and being a politician is not being a hero.
    Wellington thought his men were scum of the earth.
    Si9tting on a hill overlookinga battlefield is not being a hero.
    Napoleon also did that.
    A hero is one who is at the forefront of the battle,
    puts his own life on the line and leads by example.
    Nelson to a tee!
  13. Wellie is my hero. Apart from signing the Cintra document he never put a foot wrong.
    And at Assaye and Waterloo he was always in the line of fire. Pure chance saved him.
    Perhaps he never gave full credit to his troops, neither did Nelson. According to Nelson it was his brilliance that won at Aboukir Bay, in fact it was the idea of one of his officers, and could never have been achieved without brilliant seamanship of jolly jack.
    Whereas, Salamanca, Assaye, and the Torres of .....whatsit and many others I'm now to pissed to rember were Old Nosey's

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Exile, your memory is letting you down or you're reading the wrong books.

    " one took a seat at his table except Alava, though it was laid for all his personal staff. The Duke looked up anxiously every time the door opened. Could it be one of his missing young men? When hope had vanished he held up both hands and said,
    'The hand of Almighty God has been upon me this day.'"

    Quoted from "Wellington - The Years of the Sword", Elizabeth Longford, Wiedenfeld & Nelson 1969

    Most of his Staff were killed or wounded at Waterloo in the close proximity of Wellington himself. The Earl of Uxbridge lost a leg to a cannonball and Wellington had to catch him in his saddle to stop him falling, that's how close he was and that was just one of his battles. He did not gain his reputation by hiding at the back. Shame on you sir, you are clearly a Bonapartist.